Best Cordless Desk Lamps

Lots of desk lamps are available in the market but the cordless desk lamp offers great convenience and peace of mind than others. Cordless lamps allow adjusting them freely at any angle and have various lighting modes or brightness levels to use for different purposes. The cordless desk lamp provides the exact light in the area of your desk where you need it.

The cordless desk lamp is the best alternative to other lamps because it can provide a high level of brightness and different colors of light even there is a power out. Use either for indoor or outdoor activities because don’t have an extension cord and have modern battery panels to add batteries and deal with challenges. Use for studying, reading, computer work, sewing, relaxing or sleeping, and many other purposes like this.

It is available either in rechargeable batteries or battery-operated design. You can use them at any time or any place without worrying about their safety. It will light up your room and desk with excellent luminance and eyes friendly light. If you do not get proper knowledge about the best cordless desk lamp before buying it then you will waste your time and money.

Users are free to choose the lower brightness level for just a soft glow and set a higher level of brightness to add sparkle to their room. Lamps have various light colors as reddish light for creating a warm atmosphere, yellow color light for bedtime reading, and for sleeping, white light for active tasks such as reading, studying, and digital or electronic working.

Best Cordless Desk Lamps – Quick list

Top 10 Best Cordless Desk Lamps

1. Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly Desk Lamp

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly Desk Lamp

This desk lamp has features to resist water because it has a soft rubber bar to protect it against water. Luxe is a reliable, durable, authentic, and valuable product to use for studying, computer work, camping, relaxed sleep, and many other purposes like this.

It is made with high-quality material that’s not built up the heat even works for many hours continuously.

Have 6 brightness levels with different intensities and 3 colors of light. It is a comfortable, highly adjustable, portable, and long-life desk lamp with 5W power. Users can use it either for indoor work or outdoor activities like camping.


  • Wider Angle Adjustment

You can adjust it at a 360-degree angle for extremely bright light because it’s easy to rotate, bend, and twisted this desk lamp. Have a flexible and portable neck to manipulate it in different forms and store it anywhere you want. Not cover extra space due to its slim and thin body.

  • Eyes Friendly Light

LED light causes flicker-free and glare-free illumination which does not harm your eyes. LED light of the Lamp has a lot of extra features as it prevents human’s eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Its light does not emit more severe or intense rays. The lamp used in it does not create splash or dazzling on the screen. Bright up your whole desk equally.

  • Longer Battery Life

When a user charges it once for 3 hours continuously then it can work for 40 hours easily because it has a 2000 mAH battery. You can buy this desk lamp easily without worrying about anything. The user is free to choose the color of the desk lamp because it’s available in many colors. LED light of the lampwork for more than 50000 hours without replacement.

  • Easily adjustable
  • 6 brightness levels and 3 colors of light
  • Produce eyes friendly light
  • Cordless desk lamp
  • Inexpensive
  • Not have an intense brightness level

2. Cordless Modern LED Desk Lamp

Cordless Modern LED Desk Lamp

This desk lamp is made of wooden, metal, and plastic material. It’s very easy to manage its light at different points on the desk because it can be rotated, twisted, and bent almost about 360 degrees for extremely bright light. The power source of this desk lamp is the battery.

You will enjoy this desk lamp a lot because it has some interesting characteristics such as 2percent to 100percent dimmable brightness features and its wide application. Users can set it at dimmable lighting mode by pressing the on-off bottom for a few seconds means long-press the on and off button for dimming light.


  • High-Quality Battery

1800 mAH lithium battery added in it that chargeable via USB. Provide 4 to 5 hours of continuous lighting without getting blurred or faded. Use for various purposes like reading, studying, computer work, bedside table light while sleep, as a portable light and table working light with different lighting modes.

  • Have Magnetic Absorption

You can easily fix and bring this desk lamp light to any place where you need it. With pole base attachment allow to place it at any iron surface because have magnets to fix it safely with equipped pole and iron table. Allow adjusting the light mode and brightness level according to the environment.

  • Power of the Desk Lamp

The color temperature of this desk lamp is 4000k which provides natural white light. Lumen flux for brightness is 720lm and power wattage is 6w. Voltage power is 5volts and the dimensions of this product are 14.57 x 5 x 1.44 inches that are enough for a desk lamp. Keep a great distance between lamp light and desk to prevent eyes from damage.

  • Longer battery life
  • Easily fix and stick with iron surface
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Just available in one color
  • Shorten battery timing

3. Rozky Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Rozky Cordless LED Desk Lamp

It is one of the best and most unique desk lamps in the industry. Have soft and glare-free lighting. The power voltage is 3.5w and the color rending index is 80CRI which is almost equal to the natural light of the sun.

Lumen flux for brightness is 550lm. The color temperature of this desk lamp is divided into cold white, natural white light, and warm yellow to adjust for various purposes. The power voltage is 5volts.


  • Touch Control System

Have 3 brightness levels and 3 color modes, you can adjust it easily according to your need and room light by the touchpad control system. Also, have a memory function for the light temperature and brightness. Memory function makes it easy to set light intensity once then it saves it automatically for later use.

  • Cordless Foldable Desk Lamp

The user is allowed to change the direction of the lamp to get proper light because having 180-degree folding arms to adjust is perfect. Light Falls directly to your desk or table. Have focused light to work on the computer and for reading that does not distract your attention.

  • Power Source

The color temperature varies from 2800k to 5700k for different needs. The power source of this desk lamp is a 10 mAH battery that takes 3 to 5 hours to charge fully and works for 5 to 30 hours easily. One battery can work for your whole life you never need to change or replace it again and again.

  • Have a memory function
  • Flickers free light
  • 3 different light modes
  • Work for more than 30 hours
  • Some don’t like its design but it very rare

4. HUGOAI Cordless LAMP with Shades & Vibrant Colors

HUGOAI Cordless LAMP with Shades & Vibrant Colors

It is a stable light source that provides eyes friendly and flicker-free luminance and is made with the greatest quality material without cords. It will be best to use it at a lower brightness level because it is the best way to enhance the working hours of a desk lamp.

The wattage power of this desk lamp is 5w and the power voltage is 110volts. Lumen flux is 450lm. Also, have 30 minutes auto-off timer for night mode. Have a lot of colors option. The dimensions of this desk lamp are 4.3 x 4.3 x 8.3 inches.

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  • Smart Ambience Light

Have 16 million vibrant color options that you can set or choose just by slide the panel. Its lamp has 3 different types of color temperatures as 2000k, 3000k, and 4000k. The brightness level can be adjusted from 3percent to 100percent effortlessly. Easily customized to fulfill your needs. Dimmable, cold, warm, and natural light modes are available in this desk lamp.

  • Easy to adjust

Just place it at a desk, table or bed draw then turn its power on. It’s very easy to use this desk lamp. Have a feature to remember your one-time adjusted brightness level and light color due to its strongest memory function. Have a longer time warranty.

  • Running Time

Have a high-power battery that works for more than 60 hours when charged for 4 to 5 hours. 4000mah is the power of its inbuilt rechargeable battery. You can carry it anywhere you want without worrying about its berry life. Even users are allowed to charge it and use it at a time.

  • Work for 60 hours continuously
  • Provide equal light
  • Easily rechargeable battery
  • Use for different purposes
  • Have sleep mode and auto timer
  • Not have longer arms

5. STARPIE Portable Cordless LED Desk Lamp

STARPIE Portable Cordless LED Desk Lamp

It is a cordless desk lamp that has a longer life span and energy-efficient features. One of the affordable desk lamps with eyes-friendly lamplight. Sharpie portable LED desk lamp is a durable product that does not emit ultraviolet rays and use for a lot of purposes.

The power wattage of this desk lamp is 5w and the power voltage is 5v. The number of lights is 15 and the power source is a high-quality battery. Once you will choose this desk lamp for an office, home, or any other indoor or outdoor activity then it will make your first choice forever.


  • Battery Power

Once you charge the battery fully then it can work easily for 8hours and will not create any problem. You no need to replace its battery again and again. Users are allowed to turn it on-off just in a second by its smart touch system.

  • Different Color Temperature

Have 3 interesting color temperatures as cold white, soft white, and warm yellow light that you can use according to your mood and task as studying, camping, reading, computer work sleeping, and relaxing. Also, have 3 level dimming features.

  • Design of this Desk Lamp

This desk lamp available is an interesting design and has a proper lighting system. You do not need any specific tools to fix it at any point rather it has a strong base that allows you to move your desk or table without holding it. Have a portable arm that the user can easily adjust about a 180-degree angle and bend easily after using.

  • Easily foldable arm
  • Inexpensive
  • Have 3 level dimming features
  • Battery last for many hours
  • Lower battery life than few others

6. AUKEY Cordless LED Lamp

AUKEY Cordless LED Lamp

This desk lamp can create various atmospheres for different purposes, has a unique and compact design. Provide comfortable, safe, and illumination-enriched light. The dimensions of this desk lamp are 5.79 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches. Have the ability to get charge via power bank, laptop, and USB charger through a USB charging cable. Users are allowed to place it anywhere without worrying about is safety. Have 3 brightness levels. White warm light for work and soft night-light for rest.


  • Rechargeable Battery

The battery capacity is 2600mAH that takes 4 to 5 hours to charge fully. And the running time is 5 to 15 hours. Easily work for more than 5 hours on the maximum brightness level and 15 hours on the very dimmest level. Power wattage is 4w. Also, have color charging RGB and dimmable white warm light.

  • 360 Degree Control Panel

Aukey desk lamp has a touch-sensitive base to adjust brightness level or illumination and to decide the color of light from stunning vibrant colors. Silver color on the bottom of the desk lamp allows touching the base and on-off the light and change modes. You can pick your favorite color just in a few steps.

  • Eyes Friendly Light

The color temperature of the lamplight is 2900-3100K. The number of LEDs is 6. It is the best desk lamp for a proper light system that’s kept your eyes away from the strain and provides flickers- free and glare-free luminance. Brightness lumens flux is 180lm.

  • Longer running time
  • Wider touch control base
  • Have a rich blend of vibrant colors
  • Some find it difficult to select the colors

7. Wellnest Cordless Rechargeable Lamp

Wellnest Cordless Rechargeable Lamp

It will make you’re working straightforward and enjoyable. You can choose then light according to your needs as it has 3 brightness levels and 3 lighting modes.

Easy touch control panel to on-off the light and switch between different brightness levels. It has a long-lasting LED lamp, versatile base, USB port, cordless design, and dimmable light. Convenient and efficient source to get a proper light in your room without putting extra money and effort into it.

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  • 2 In 1 Base

Have 2 in one base to stand it on the desk and table or to fix it with desk, table, and bed headboard because have a strong clip for attachment. Clip used to fasten the lamp of various surfaces or to fix it with a point. Provide great support to the lamp as it works efficiently without falling.

  • Durable Product

This desk lamp is made with high-quality plastic material. The power wattage of this desk lamp is 3w and the voltage of power is 5v. Special features are dimming capacity. Clip it with any 1.57inches surface without worrying about anything. Safer and easy to use. Have a freely adjustable and flexible neck that allows setting is at different angles and positions by twist or bending.

USB Rechargeable Battery Lamp

Reduce the chance of flickering and glaring by increasing the lightning emits area. The USB port allows you to charge it through different connections as via USB cable, mobile adapter, laptop, and power bank.

  • Wider angle adjustment as 360 degree
  • Highly adjust design and lightning modes
  • Stand on the table and clip with the tabletop easily
  • Affordable desk lamp
  • Show little poor performance buts it’s very rare
  • May trip over from an uneven surface

8. iVict 28 LED Cordless Desk Lamp

iVict 28 LED Cordless Desk Lamp

This desk lamp has a beautiful light with 3 different color temperatures light with 3000k, warm white light with 4500k, and natural white light with 6500k color temperature.

The number of lights is 28. And lumen power is 300lm. The lamp emits soft light with non-ghosting and fatigue-free light.

Each of these color temperatures has 3 brightness levels as low, medium, and high. This means it has 9 illumination modes. Using the minimum brightness level can extend the battery life of the lamp. Use even for day and night time.


  • Touch-Sensitive Sensors

Have 2 touch sensors to adjust the light for reading and any other purpose. Besides the USB charging port, a main on-off button of the desk lamp design prevents it from automatically changing the brightness level and light modes. Provide a clear vision with focus light and not create a shadow.

  • Soft Rubber Clip

The clip attached with this desk lamp can easily fix with 1.6 inches wide area and not harm the surface due to its soft rubber pad. Even not leave a little scratch. Fix with any type of surface within the clip range.

  • Battery Life

1800 mAH battery added in this desk lamp that is best to enhance its running time. The battery can work for 30 to 32 hours easily if use the dimming and the lowest level of brightness. And it just takes 3 to 4 hours to charge fully. Produce the exact light according to the environment.

  • Have soft and strong rubber clips for attachment
  • Provide light for 32 hours continuously
  • Eyes caring light
  • 2 touch sensor
  • The touchpad control system is very sensitive

9. Light Accents Cordless Desk Lamp

Light Accents Cordless Desk Lamp

Desk lamp with energy-efficient battery and super bright light. It is one of the best of all desk lamps in cordless desk lamps. Made with plastic material and the dimensions of this desk lamp are 5.87 x 5.87 x 18 inches.

Useful as a battery-operated desk lamp. Available in black shinny color and have a modern design. Adjustable desk lamp with interesting features.

Specification of the Desk Lamp

  • Power Source

The power source of this desk lamp is a 3AAA battery and an AC adapter to plug it. Power wattage is 12w and the power voltage is 12v. Users are allowed to use it as a desk lamp for regular work by connecting with the circuit board through an adapter and taking it anywhere by adding a battery to it.

  • Piano light

The head and neck of the lamp have great flexibility means providing the exact light at the place where you need it. Not divert the light out of the desk or table. Use to light up the area around the reading paper, computer desk, and piano music reading sheet while playing piano, and it’s mostly used in flea markets, camping and boats.

  • Color Temperature and Light

The color temperature of the lamp is 3500k that’s enough for a desk lamp. LED light of the lamp produces an ultra-natural white light that does not harm your eyes even use for many hours continuously. have a strong base but it is still a light weighted product to carry anywhere.

  • Have 2 different power source
  • Excellent color temperature
  • Not cover extra space on your desk
  • Flexible, adjustable and portable desk lamp
  • You May Need to replace battery sooner

10. AFORTLO Cordless Rechargeable Desk Lamp

AFORTLO Cordless Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Provide the proper bright light for longer hours without getting faded and best for emergency situations when power is out. Lumen flux is 700lm.

The number of lights is 48. Power wattage is 7w. This desk lamp has great height to adjust at the desired angle as the dimension is 14.57 x 4.72 x 1.77 inches. Allows Different settings for different purposes will not harm your eyes and even help to keep your mood fresh. Easy and simple to use or carry. Light starts to dim automatically when the battery is discharged and gives a sign of a low battery.


  • Running Time

Desk lamp with comfortable light and perfect battery timing as made with high quality 2000 mAH rechargeable battery that can work for more than 5 hours on the higher brightness level and 135 hours on lower brightness level. Charge fully in 6 hours.

  • Stepless Dimmable Feature

Allow adjusting light effortlessly from bright to dim and dim to bright light. The color temperature of this desk lamp varies from lighting modes as 3600k, 4200k, and 5700k. Have different lights for relaxation, reading, and working. Arms are flexible to adjust with wide-angle adjustment.

  • Allow adjusting Low medium and high bright light
  • Best for emergency use
  • Battery life is 135 hours if used continuously
  • Have low lumen power

Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best cordless desk lamp then make sure to find a desk lamp that has all these features or may have a combination of 3 or 4. It will enable you to can select the desk lamp according to your needs.

  • Height of The Lamp

Make sure to select a desk lamp that has long arms to adjust it at different angles and it must have a 40 to 60cm distance between lamp light and table. Because it’s best to keep your eyes away from strain and fatigue. But if you want a desk lamp for sleeping and relaxing purpose so it should be small as a place easily on your bedside and not create a disturbance.

  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery or Normal Battery

A chargeable battery desk lamp is best for office work and outdoor activities. But It’s expensive to replace the battery regularly so Rechargeable batteries allow charging them easily when they are in low battery. Built-in rechargeable batteries provide continuous light for many hours and work well in all situations.

  • USB Charging

Check whether the desk lamp that you choose for your desk has a USB charging port means it may charge via a USB cable or not. Some desk lamps have a USB port to charge your hand device like a phone, or tablet but it’s not necessary to have in all desk lamps.

  • Check Its Power Consumption

A low power consuming desk lamp is best so when you want the best cordless lamp so must check its power consumption capacity. Often buy a lamp that’s utilized low power energy because it helps to save you money. A high energy-consuming desk lamp makes it difficult to use it regularly for studying tasks, relaxation, sleeping, and computer work.

  • Style of the Lamp

A desk lamp with an attractive design indeed catches your attention at a great level but a desk lamp with an interesting design doesn’t need to have all the features that you want to choose a lamp that does not look bulky in design and have the ability to make your working and sleeping comfortable and relaxed.

  • Cover your Area

You will be able to complete your study task and computer work if your desk lamp covers your entire desk appropriately and even sleep peacefully in the dim light of your lamp. A wide desk lamp illuminates your desk and room easily and no need to use any other light in the room. Some desk lamps have an on-off button and some have a touchpad control system to turn it on or off and adjust their brightness level and lightning modes.

  • LED lamp Light

A High-quality LED light in a desk lamp is best to choose because it has a different light option with different brightness levels. The LED lamp is the best of all choices for a desk lamp due to its outstanding lightning effect without harming your eyes sight.


The more challenging task is to find the best cordless lamp that is high in features and low in price. So the purpose of this writing is to introduce the world’s best of all desk lamps without cords. These cordless desk lamps have a lot of extra and unique features as they have great value, are made with high-quality material, and have excellent durability and warranty. The above motion cordless lamps will not disappoint you ever and fulfill your all need with a healthier effect on your eyes.

The different lamp has different features and characteristic that proves them better than competitors. These entire lamps are available at an affordable price and have various brightness levels and lightning modes for reading, studying, computer work, sleeping, and relaxing. They have easily rechargeable and changeable batteries. All these are best to make your life task easy and enjoyable with flickers free; glare-free and protective light.

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