Best Desk Lamps for Eyes

Best Desk Lamps for Eyes: Most people spend their time in front of a computer and by reading books so it’s necessary to have a proper light system in their room to protect eyes from damage.

A desk lamp should not just provide light on your desk but it must have a lamp that doesn’t harm your eyes. Often try to use a desk lamp with a natural light lamp because it will keep your brain active either during studying or computer work.

Almost the completion of any task related to the lamp depends upon the various lighting modes and brightness levels of a desk lamp. Best desk lamp used for multiple purposes with multiple functions and fantastic structure. The best desk lamp must have the ability to prevent your eyes from fatigue, strain and it should have glare-free illumination if you use it during reading and while using a computer.

Before buying a desk lamp ensure to check the intensity of the light, it’s important to check that a desk lamp that you use for study, reading, computer work, or office has any adverse effect on your eyes? So avoid the lamp that has a much severe and exposure light. And select a lamp with an average level of brightness and comfortable color temperatures.

10 Best Desk Lamp for Eyes (Top Picks)

1. BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp for Eye Care

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

BenQ e-reading is an excellent desk lamp, has outstanding functions and structure. You never think about any other product if used is once.

Your eyes feel relaxed even spend long hours in a study in the light of this lamp. The dimensions of this desk lamp are 23.22 x 8.66 x 24.61 inches. It will cover your desk appropriately. You can easily adjust it at any angle and position where you need it without worrying about safety because it has a sturdy base.

  • Wider Illumination Power

The light range of the lamp is 35 inches and the maximum brightness is 900 to 1800lux which is enough for a desk lamp.  Have 150 percent wider light coverage than others. It’s very easy and simple to use this desk lamp by connecting all parts. A high-quality bulb fits in it to enhance its working time and this desk lamp just consumes 18W at the maximum brightness level.

  • Glare-Free Light

Have glare-free, flickers free and soft light with 2700k-5700k color temperatures. Recommended for those who search for a desk lamp to work for a long time in its light with minimum eyes strain.  Give 100 percent flickers free and ultra-white natural light to adjust to a dark or light environment.

  • Various Lighting and Dimming Mode

Users can easily manage their brightness level or lighting mode between warm and cool color temperatures just by rotating the knob found on the upper side of the lamp. Also Have auto sensors that detect the need for brightness and adjust it automatically according to the room light.

  • Durable and flexible desk lamp
  • Different brightness and lighting modes
  • Great focused light with flicker-free nature
  • Adjustable and movable joints
  • Heavy and expensive than others

2. TaoTronics Black Wood Grain LED lamp

Easy to adjust at different angles just by a tilt down or up the head of the lamp. The dimension of this product is 43 x 18 x 18 inches and wattage power is 12w.

The interesting features of this desk lamp are its 410lumens power and power voltage is 110v. TaoTronics Black Wood Grain LED, Eye-caring desk lamp has a beautiful design with great focused light. This desk lamp makes your work easy and effortless. Made with a high-quality metallic material.

  • Charge other Device

Have a USB port that’s allowed to charge other devices as you can charge your phone or tablet with it.  It is the best source to get a proper light according to your needs and you can easily connect with the phone. Provide a great output just by putting a low input and making your life enjoyable and relaxed.

  • Eyes Friendly Light

Provide the best light for studying, reading and computer work with flickers free illumination. And brighten your area without harming your eyes. Create a perfect combination of brightness and color light. LED light used in this desk lamp is the best and most efficient source to save power and keep your eyes sight secure and protected.  The color temperature is about 2700k-6600k

  • 7 Brightness Level and 5 Light Modes

Have different buttons at the base of the desk lamp to set different brightness levels and lightning modes according to your mood. Lighting modes vary from yellow to white-blue light and brightness level varies from very dim to very high bright light. Users can customize the illumination of the lamp easily.

  • Multifunctional desk lamp
  • Numerous lightening option
  • Easy to control
  • Adjust at different angles
  • Low lumen power

3. Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

A Multifunctional LED desk lamp is the perfect lamp to fulfill your all needs. Have 5 brightness levels and 5 lighting modes that you can change according to the task. You can sleep easily in its night light mode and it will off automatically without pressing a button.

Have a 5V / 1A USB charging port to charge other devices. The power wattage is 6W and the power voltage is 100v- 240v. Sensitive touchpad control buttons make it easy for you to adjust the intensity of light.

  • Memory Function with Auto Timer

Have a great memory to save the brightness level and lightning modes that you adjust once on it. Means save it for later use. Also, have a feature to off automatically after 30 minutes or 1 hour. It saves power at dimming night mode. You no need to worry about turning off the lamp.

  • Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is the best feature to find in a desk lamp. The wireless charging function of this desk lamp needs a 5v / 2A adapter to work properly. Best eye care technology desk lamp with a folding design. Not cover extra space on your desk and easily adjust it at any point without worrying about the power supply of the desk lamp.

  • Use for Eyes Caring

Emit an eye-friendly light with 2700k- 6500k color temperature that does not harm your eyes.  The color rending indexes of this desk lamp are almost near to the color rending index of the sun. That’s proving it the best desk lamp for eyes because gives natural light like the sun.

  • Wireless charging
  • Have auto-off timer
  • Prevent eyes from short-sightedness
  • Adjustable brightness and light
  • The extra sensitive touch control system

4. Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp

A desk lamp made with extremely high-quality material and has excellent durability and authenticity. The unique feature of this desk lamp is that it has a waterproof soft rubber bar due to which it can resist water.

Not build heat and not create a shadow. Available in 3 different light colors and 6 brightness levels. It is a comfortable, highly adjustable, portable, and long life desk lamp with 5W power. Use for both outdoor and indoor activities as best for camping.

  • 360degree Adjustable Angle

It’s very easy to manage its light at different points on the desk because it can be rotated, twisted, and bending almost about 360 degrees for extremely bright light. Users can easily store or manipulate it in any form as they want. The flexible neck makes your work easy. Versatile desk lamp with thin and slim body.

  • Flickers Free Durable Product

Modern design with flickers free LED light.  LED light is the best option for a desk lamp because it has better quality and understanding of lightning features.  Not produce heat and even not emit harmful full ultraviolet rays. The lamp distributes equal light to the whole working area without getting blurred or faded.

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  • Battery Life

This desk lamp has a 2000 mAH high-quality battery that can easily work for more than 40 hours just by charging it for 3 hours continuously. Battery and lamp can work for your whole life without replacement.  It’s very easy to clean it if dust stick with its soft and rubber-like bar. Avail in 4 different colors with your room decoration. s

  • Portable and adjustable desk lamp
  • Reduce eyes fatigue and strain
  • Easily affordable
  • Available in cordless design
  • Not have an extremely bright light
  • Rubber-like material easy catch dust

5. Phive Architect Task LED Desk Lamp

Phive Architect Task LED Desk Lamp

Popular and best-known desk in the entire world due to its ideal and ultra-natural light lamp. Allow to Change the level of brightness by pressing the button for a few seconds and turning it on or off easily and quickly through a click on the touch button.

Clamp-on the desk lamp can fit easily with the 2.36 inches table. The dimensions of this lamp are 21 x 2.9 x 7.2 inches. Helps to live a peaceful, relaxed, and enjoyable life. Multifunctional desk lamps are used for various purposes.

  • Color Rending Index

Provide light that’s almost near to the daylight. The color rending index of this lamp is 85CRI. It is one of the most important factors to check in a desk lamp that you choose for study purposes with an eye protection feature. Made with high-quality aluminum material and available in black shiny color.

  • Clamps Design With Incredible Adjustment

A durable metal body and strong clamps prove it unique and fantastic desk lamps. Provide light to the entire desk but not take space on the desk because it has clamps to fix it with the table. Rotatable body with 16.3+16.3inches arm to adjust it at a maximum height and create a distance between lamp and desk surface.

  • Stepless Dimming

This desk lamp can detect the lightning need of a room and adjust the level of brightness according to the environment automatically. With auto dimmable features it also has a memory function. Voltage power is 110v and wattage power is 8W.

  • Natural light like the sun
  • Eyes protection
  • Have a great longevity
  • Great height with movable joints
  • Not waterproof

6. Eye-Care Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp

Eye-Care Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp

Have flicker-free and glare-free illumination to keep your eyes safe. Best desk lamp for eye care, space-saving, and power saving. Getting its power by a lengthy power supply cord.

Once you buy this desk lamp then it can work for your life easier and you do not need to change or replace its lamp. Have three-axis to freely adjust it at different angles and a rotatable base.

  • Power System

The power voltage is 24v and the power wattage is 10w. The brightness lumens power of the lamp is 900lm. Known for its energy-saving features. You can on off the light by the smart plug. The lifetime of the lamp is 50,000 hours.  The color temperature of this desk lamp is 3000K to 5500K that’s near to the accurate color temperature that a lamp needs to illuminate the desk.

  • Metal Clamps With Long Arms

A strong metal clamp is fixed with the end of the desk lamp that holds the adjustable swing metal arms at the place where you set it. Wide clamps attached with a 2.1 inches tabletop easily. You do not need to worry about the security of the desk lamp because the clamp sticks with the table perfectly and does have not any chance of dropping down.

  • Lightning Mode and Timing Function

Different lighting modes for office, home, and project work. Provide excellent brightness with numerous color choices as ultra-white light for computer working mode, slightly yellow light with 100 percent brightness for reading mode, and the last is the relaxed mode.

  • Higher lumen power
  • Adjustable arms
  • Multifunctional high-quality desk lamp
  • Ideal color temperature
  • It’s very rare to find the downside of this desk lamp

7. Ambertronix LED Desk Lamp

Ambertronix LED Desk Lamp

New and latest desk lamp in the market to help in studies, office and computer work without affecting eyes. Have an interesting structure and function.

The power source of this desk lamp is a high-quality power adapter. Provide different types of light for different purposes. As general light for relaxing and specific light for study or reading purposes.  The light of the lamp turns off automatically after 1 hour. Ambertronix LED Desk Table Lamp does not take extra space on your desk.

  • Eyes Caring Design with Soft Lightning

Have very eyes friendly and smooth light that even not create fatigue and strain on the eyes for a long time working. Flickers free light for reading, studying and working. Provide a great focused light to complete your task with an attentive and conscious mind. Ambertronix’s desk lamp has plenty of features.

  • Touch Control Dimmer

5 various levels of brightness, 4 lighting modes, and dimming features are designed in this desk lamp. Users can change the light just by slightly touching the touchpad control system from high bright light to a very dim light. Have a strong base that allows you to adjust the arms and head of the desk lamp without holding it.

  • Operating Power

This knowledge helps you a lot in finding the best desk lamp according to your needs. This desk lamp has a great power-saving capacity and wattage power is 14W. The power voltage of the lamp is 12v and the lumens power of 530lm.  Product dimensions are 12.5 x 8 x 16.5 inches.

  • No need to replace the lamp
  • Inexpensive desk lamp
  • Sleek, slim, thin and light-weighted desk lamp
  • Low lumen power than others

8. Maggie Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

OMaggie Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp

It is a desk lamp with 8wattage power and 6000k color temperature. The special quality of this desk lamp is its full spectrum dimmable light and pen holding features. Power voltage is 5v and lumen power is 500lm.

Have high, low, and medium brightness mode for right lightning. Provide soft, glare-free, and highly focused light. The most desk lamp is known for its 2 in 1 feature but this desk lamp is known as a 7in 1 desk lamp.

  • LCD Display

You can see the temperature, date, and time on its display screen even set an alarm to make a schedule between study and working hours. It is the best way to keep you aware of the time and temperature of the desk lamp. Users can easily turn off the LCD screen by holding the on-off button for 3 seconds.

  • Pen Holder With USB charging

Easily getting charged by USB cable. The interesting characteristic of this desk lamp is its ability to charge by a power bank or a tablet. And even allow charging your phone by it. With room illumination, it also helps to hold a pen in it because it has a pen holder. Perfectly charge by other devices.

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  • 256 Color Ranging Base

Have a spectrum ring to manage the 256 colors ranging base, change different light colors according to the atmosphere. This ring allows for colorful lightning. You can use it for much longer as you want it will not harm your eyes in any condition.  Include in one of the world’s best lamp lights to prevent myopia.

  • Alarm clock and pen holder
  • Dimmable features
  • Greenlight for energy consumption
  • Eyes protected light and LCD
  • Expensive than others

9. JUKSTG Folding Led Desk Lamp

Easy to fold and control desk lamp. Touchpad switch and stylish design. Made with high-quality plastic material and finished with silver paint.

Give ultra-natural light with glare-free, flickers free and eyes caring nature. Provide optimized lightning with multi-angle adjustment. Use for power saving. It will make your first choice forever.  Product dimension is 12.6 x 7 x 17.7 inches. It’s very easy and straightforward to use this desk lamp. Adjust is just in a few seconds.

  • Lightning Modes and Brightness Level

Having 4 lightning modes and 7 brightness levels to adjust is for different needs. The sensitive touch control system makes it easy for you to adjust it between studying, sleeping, and relaxing and reading modes. Have a 5V /1A USB charging port for other devices.

  • Wider Angle Adjustment

Easily adjust it at 180 degrees or 90-degree angle just by rotation. A 90-degree angle is best and suitable for getting proper illumination. Power wattage is 14W and the power voltage is 110V. lumen flux of this desk lamp is 400lm and the color temperature is 5500k.

  • Have 1 Hour Auto Time Sensor

Excellent desk lamp with memory functions and an auto-off timer to save it from heat up. You can complete your task easily with it without worrying about anything. Off automatically when you get to sleep while working. The light source of this desk lamp is LED light. If you set or adjust the brightness level and light color on it automatically save it for later use.

  • Best lightning mode and color
  • Easily adjustable
  • Memory function
  • Affordable and valuable product
  • Some people do not find it better but it’s very rare

10. Swing Arm Gooseneck Desk Lamp

Swing Arm Gooseneck Desk Lamp

Users are allowed to preset time on it to off the light. This means you can set its light for 10 to 40 minutes auto-off timer before sleeping. Brightness levels vary from sewing, drawing, thinking, reading, and effective working.

Wattage is 12W. It offers you pleasant working hours. The color temperature is from 3000K to 5500K. Advance technology desk lamp with memory function.  The best desk lamp like this should be a part of our life.

  • Remote Control Desk Lamp

Remote control desk lamp allows setting the brightness or color of light from any place in the room. You do not need to go near the lamp means easily changing its set up about 32.8 feet distance. Users can set 5 different scenes by its remote control system. It will help you a lot in increasing your working hours and satisfaction with your work.

  • Eyes Care Lightning System

Design with the best quality and eyes-friendly light. Best for the long task with glare-free and flicker-free rays of the lamp. Also, have stepless dimming features. protect your eyes from damage and also keep your mood fresh with cool lightning modes. 900lm is the lumen power of this lamp.

  • Adjustable Table Top Clamp

This is a desk lamp with strong table clamps. Get support with 2.1 inches wide tabletop lamp. The user allows adjusting its arm at any angle without holding it. It does not leave any scratch on the table. Use for every purpose because have every type of light.

  • Remote control system
  • Eye friendly light
  • Clamp to attach with table
  • Save space and power
  • Not have a status that’s it deserves

Buying Guide

There are some buying guides and things to consider before buying a desk lamp. These are reliable and effective features that you just need to check in a desk lamp before buying it.

  • The brightness of The Light

A desk lamp with more severe and intense brightness levels can put a strain on your eyes and cause dryness. So must try to choose a desk lamp with dimmer features and white or yellow warm light.  Different brightness levels and lighting modes allow you to adjust the light of the lamp according to your room environment. A desk lamp that includes the world’s best lamp has 4 brightness levels as relax, sleep, study, and one for reading.

  • Design of The Lamp

The best desk lamp should not feel bulky in design rather it have a simple and attractive look with interesting features. You can easily adjust the best desk lamp anywhere you need it.  It is available in different colors and styles you can select your favorite one. Some have a touchpad control system and some have an on-off button to turn on or off the light.

  • Color Temperature

The best desk lamp emits soft, flickers-free, and glares-free light rays. The best temperature of a desk lamp light for human eyes is 4000-6500K. This range of temperature provides an optimum and average level of natural light for your eyes and helps you to complete a difficult task with great eye protection.

  • Stable and Lengthy

The base of the lamp should be strong and heavy that allowing moving the desk easily without holding the lamp. And the length of the arm should be enough to adjust it at a right angle. The distance between the lamp and the desk about 40 to 60cm is best to prevent eyes from fatigue. Some also have a USB port that allows you to charge your hand device like a smartphone or tablet with it.

  • Color Rending Index

The rending index of the best desk lamp is almost near to the color rending index of the sun. The CRI of the sun is 100CRI and the CRI of an eye-protective desk lamp is between 80CRI to 100CRI.  The color rending index indicates how a desk lamp reflects an object and its color.

  • Save Power

It is not wrong to say that the best desk lamp is that which consumes low power energy. A high-power-consuming desk lamp makes it difficult to use it for regular study tasks and office work. So make sure to know about the power consumption capacity of a desk lamp that you want to buy for study purposes and eye protection.

  • Check The Power Source

Make sure to know about the power supply and power source of a desk lamp. You can either select a desk lamp that has a power supply cord to illuminate light and another type is a wireless desk lamp. But remember that a lamp with a cord must have a long cord that easily reached the electrical circuit board. And the wireless desk lamp should have a high power port for the battery.

A few other things to consider before buying a desk lamp with an eye-friendly light is,

  • Check the intensity and modes of light
  • The best type of LED light fit in it that can cover your whole area
  • Excellent constructing with larger durability

Final Thought

Here is a great variety of desk lamps and all are best for your eyes so you can select any of these desk lamps that you find more stylish in design and better according to price. The above motion lamps will not disappoint you ever and fulfill your all need with a healthier effect on your eyes.

The different lamp has different features and characteristic that proves them better and more unique than competitors for study task and computer work.

This writing will be beneficial for you to an understanding of the lamp that is more suited to your need and eyes. Its lightning will make your work effortless. Eyes friendly light of a lamp keeps your eyes safe and away from short-sightedness.  These desk lamps are reliable and convenient to use easily without worrying about anything

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