Best Desk Lamps for Computer & PC

best desk lamps for computer

Having the best desk lamp for a computer desk is very important. It is the best source to reduce strain on the user’s eye while working on the computer and improve other visual symptoms. Computer task requires proper lightning to avoid complications.

Some of the best lamps are used for easier reading and computer task completion by minimizing computer glares. It offers glare-free illumination and natural light that helps to increase concentration and keeps the user’s brain active. Some desk lamp has multi-functional features as used either for studying or computer work.

The high-quality desk lamp uses for computer work has a comfortable level of color temperature, the proper level of brightness with the fatigue-free intensity of light. The computer desk lamp’s latest LED lighting technology proves it a stylish, enjoyable, and energy-efficient lamp.

Here are the reviews of some best products in the industry that make it easy to find the best desk lamp for computers. All our best to increase the chance of success and make the works place more productive.

Best Desk Lamps for Computer

1. BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

It is a perfect desk lamp to illuminate the entire desk with a flexible design. Like other lamps, it is not bound to read books or newspapers; instead, designed to light up the whole working area to reduce flickers and glare. This product’s dimensions are 23.22 x 8.66 x 24.61 inches, wide enough to use for a computer table.

An 18watt LED light bulb is best to prevent user eyes from strain. Suitable for higher productivity with a curved head. Users are free to adjust the brightness level and light temperature to select between orange and bright white light tones. The lumen flux of the light is 1800lux, and the color temperatures are 2700-5700k.

It’s effortless to change the brightness by rotating the knob. Also, have an auto-dimming mode that detects ambient brightness and adjusts it automatically. Adjustable the lamp’s arms and ball joints, capable it to the exact positions where the user needs light. A sturdy and strong base increases its durability. The sensor automatically notices and adjusts the room light by a longer touch of the control ring.

It Has two brightness levels as dark and light and two-color temperature as warm and cool. The illumination range is between 90cm. The cooler tone of the light enhances user concentration and relaxation. It can easily work for 8 hours continuously without building up heat. The power source of the lamp is the electric cord.

  • 150% wider desk lamp with great flexibility
  • Auto-dimming option to adjust the light
  • At max brightness uses 18watt power
  • Flickers free and glare-free light save eyes
  • Swingarm desk lamp
  • Expensive
  • Just have one year warranty

2. TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal LED Desk Lamp

This desk lamp’s most exciting and unique features are its USB port, memory function, durability, and reliable design. LED light of the lamp is enough to brighten up a large area. Have six brightness levels and five various lightning modes to adjust according to the environment. The power voltage of the lamp is between 100-220v, and the power wattage is 12watt.

The desk lamp’s overall size is 18.94 x 5.28 x 17.2 inches—specifically, design for long-term computer task and study with eye-friendly illumination. Scratch resist the construction of the lamp, allow it to last up for longer. The lumen flux of the lamp light is 600lm. At the maximum brightness mode, the bulb can illuminate the 1200lux light.  Have a 5V/2A smart USB port that makes it easy to charge a phone or other devices.

It is built with a highly adjustable design with a night light and memory function. Allow adjusting lamp at any position with rotatable neck, head, and base. Memory functions of the lamp save the selected brightness and temperatures for later use. It is built with 60 minutes timer to switch off automatically, even user sleep.

It is the best quality lamp to makes user life happy, bright, and enjoyable. You can adjust the brightness between cool white to warm yellow light through the lamp’s touchpad control system. It is an extremely versatile desk lamp for computer because suitable for every computer task. Flexible head to provide extra light and prevent user eye glare.

  • Have durable metal body
  • 6brightness level with five color options
  • Sleek design with the touch control system
  • Affordable and energy-efficient
  • Adjustable design with memory function
  • Take time to switch different lighting modes
  • Build heat at maximum brightness if used for longer

3. YOUKOYI Swing Arm Desk Lamp

YOUKOYI Swing Arm Desk Lamp

It is made with high-quality energy-saving 9 watts LED bulbs that consume less power energy than other desk lamps. It lasts up for longer and produces less heat. The lamp’s bulb provides smooth, bright, and soft light with flickers free and glares free illumination. The rending color index of the lamp is higher than 85 CRI.

The lamp’s sturdy clamps fit easily on 2.9 inches thick surface of the table that saves space. It is a lamp with a long swing arm as the 360-degree swivel base, and flexible gooseneck of the lamp helps to adjust it at a perfect angle where you need light. The dimensions of this desk lamp are 17.09 x 6.22 x 2.17 inches.

The luminance of the light is 500lum, and the illuminance flux ranges from 1000-1100lux.  This type of lamp makes it easy to move the table or change the lamp’s location without worrying about its safety. The power source of this product is the electric cord. YOUKOYI is very easy to use because of its touch control system and dimming features.

To adjust the brightness of the light between 10% and 100%, you just need to long-press or hold down the power button. And to change the color temperature of light from 3000k-4000k- 6500k, it simply requires tapping on the lamp body. The bulb’s power voltage is 10v, and the power voltage of the desk lamp is 100 – 240 Volts.

  • Wide lighting range
  • Eye caring illuminance
  • Sensitive touch control
  • Various brightness level range from 10%-100%
  • Three color temperature
  • Some find it difficult to use the touch system.

4. Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp

With eye-friendly light, this desk lamp also has a waterproof soft rubber bar to resist water. Use to create shadow-free ambient light. It is known for its convenient and elegant work. Use either for the indoor and outdoor tasks because not get heat quickly. Luxe cordless eye-friendly lamp is a highly portable, adjustable, and long-lasting desk lamp.

The overall weight of the lamp is just about 13.8 pounds that is very light weighted to carry. The power wattage of the lamp is 5watt, and the power source of the lamp is a 2000 mAH battery that takes 3 hours to charge fully and can work for 3 to 40 hours continuously without stop.

Available in four different shiny colors that you can select according to the room décor. Dimensions of this desk lamp 3.8 x 3.2 x 15.2 inches. Have six brightness levels and three light modes. Flickers free LED light best to use because not produce harmful rays.  It allows rotating, bent, and twisted the desk lamp at a 360-degree adjustable angle for getting extra bright light.

Not need to replace the battery or light ever. It is a thin and slim desk lamp with a flexible lamp. Rechargeable lamp charged by a micro USB cable. An adjustable lamp reduces strain from eyes while reading, studying, needlework, and computer task.

  • Budget-friendly cordless desk lamp
  • 360-degree adjustability
  • Work for 3 to 40 hours continuously
  • Not emit ultra-violate rays
  • Control by a touch system at the base
  • Stick dust easily
  • Not too much bright at maximum brightness level

5. Phive LED Computer Desk Lamp

Phive LED Computer Desk Lamp

Phive LED desk lamp provides ultra-natural light that almost near to the daylight. The desk lamp’s rending color index is 85CRI that is enough for the best quality desk lamp. Once you select your favorite brightness and color tone, then the lamp’s memory function saves it for later use.

It is the best desk lamp to save money and space on the table. To change the brightness level, need to long-press the button and to turn the lamp off or on need to tap on the touch button quickly—highly adjustable arms of the lamp, capable it to use for multipurpose.

The wattage of the lamp is 8 watt, and the voltage is about 110v. The desk lamp is made with quality aluminum material. It’s straightforward to use a desk lamp. The height of the lamp is 7.2 inches; width is 2.9 inches, and length is 21inches. The desk lamp changes the level of brightness automatically when detecting the lightning need of the room.

It is a fully functional architecture lamp with energy-saving, eye protection, memory function, and stepless dimming features. Clamps of the lamp allow fitting it at about 2.36 inches thick table. Illuminate the entire desk without holding space on the table because it has clamps.

Have a rotatable body with a 180degree swivel head and adjustable 16.3+16.3inches arm to create a distance between the table surface and lamplight. Very light weighted as the weight of this desk lamp is just 2.99 pounds—no need to replace bulbs regularly because one bulb can work for many years.

  • Stepless dimming function
  • Made with energy-saving, eye protection technology
  • Have various brightness options
  • Moveable joints with great longevity
  • It’s not a waterproof product.

6. AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

The wireless charging function is one of the best and unique features in a desk lamp. The wireless charging port of the desk lamp requires a 5v / 2A adapter for long term work. It is a foldable desk lamp with an eye care lightning system. It helps the user to adjust the light at the exact position where the user needs it. The power wattage of the desk lamp is 6watt. It is made of plastic and metal material with paint finishing.

We need to adjust the light mode and brightness level just once because of its memory function. The user does not need to worry about turning off the light because it automatically shut off after 30minutes or one hour. At night mode, it saves power. The intensity of light changes through a sensitive touchpad control system. Dimension are 17.24 x 4.41 x 1.81 inches.

Have five different lighting modes and five brightness levels that offer excellent control I user hand to change it according to the task. The power voltage of the lamp is between 100-240v. The rending color index of the multi-functional LED desk is almost equal to the color rending sunlight index.

The color temperature of light ranges between 2700k- 6500k that does not harm the user’s eyes; any condition allows us to work on a computer or read books without glare any flickers. The power source of this lightning tool is a dc adapter, and the bulb voltage is 5v. Reduce eye fatigue and tension when night mode is on. Illuminate large areas with a pleasant and smart distribution of light.

  • Use to reduce glare on a computer screen.
  • Built with auto-off timer
  • Allow for wireless charging.
  • Five brightness and light options
  • Perfect color temperature with eye care
  • The Control system is very sensitive.

7. Lampat Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Lampat Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

It is an inexpensive desk lamp with dimmable lighting features and a USB charging port. The natural light of the lamp protects the user’s eyes. Have 30/60 minutes auto-off timer. This desk lamp’s rending color index is more than 90CRI that is higher than other LED lamps. Generate flickers free light that lower the strain from the user’s eyes while working on a computer or reading books for a long time.

Dimensions of the lamp are 18.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches. Have five brightness levels that vary from bright white light to dim night light. 4 lightning modes of the lamp allow adjusting different lights for study or computer work, reading, sleep, and relaxing. Lumen flux of the LED lamp is 530 lumens, and wattage is 10watt.

It is an energy-efficient desk lamp with a long life span. The power source of this desk lamp is an electric cord. The desk lamp’s overall weight is 2.84 pounds, which is much lighter to carry from one place to another. The voltage of the desk lamp is 12v. Built with the articulated swing arm and rotating features.

USB panel allows charging a smartphone or other devices without worrying about their safety. Excellent control button to get ideal light for different situations. It’s not made noise when the light is on. The actual color temperature of the light is between 2500-7000K that varies according to the task. Adjust height at several angles. Need for users who need to stay charge.

  • Have 5 step brightness control function
  • Use for low power consumption
  • Have a Convenient USB charging port
  • Automatic shut off system
  • Made with premium quality material
  • Easily get dust

8. JolyJoy Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp

JolyJoy Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp

The lamp’s energy-saving LED light can work for 50,000 hours and not need to replace it ever. A strong clamp of the lamp allows saving space on the desk. Memory function capable of remembering brightness and light setting when the user switches it on and off. The different thing in the tool is its 0.5 amperage capacity that is better than many others.

The weight is about 1.54 pounds. According to the task as for reading mode, the light change’s color temperature is 4000k at max brightness level, 3000-3500k use for a relaxed atmosphere at low brightness level, and the working mode for computer tasks are 5000-5500k at 100% brightness.
Smooth light does not harm the user’s eyes. It makes the light highly visible that keeps the user energizes and active—a flexible and versatile desk lamp with a timer. For better sleep and saving electricity, it’s built with 10/40 minutes auto-off timer.

The bulb’s lumen is 900lumen; therefore, its use for getting natural ultra-white light, and the illuminance is 2000lux. It’s straightforward to use the desk lamp by plug the 7inches lengthy cord into the electric board.

The lamp’s flexible arm effortlessly illuminates the required area at the table because it is highly customized with a wide 360-degree angle adjustment—6 color modes with a tone of light. Wattage is 9watt. AC input of the lamp is between 100-240v, and the DC output is about 24v.

  • 3 points adjustable desk lamp
  • Adjustable color temperature at three different levels
  • Best for computer work, reading and relaxing
  • 50,000 hours long-lasting LED
  • Space-saving and money-saving
  • Not have a USB port

9. MCHATTE LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger Touch Control

MCHATTE LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger Touch Control

MCHATTE LED desk lamp has a great combination of best features like adjustable brightness, different color temperature, wireless charger, auto timer, USB port, and also have eyes care light to protect user eyes from the glare and flickers on a computer screen. The touch control function of the lamp designed in the base.

The wattage of LED light is 9watt. It is Built with 5V2A USB charging port to charge your mobile or other devices while working on the computer. This desk lamp offers a relaxed, peaceful, and pleasant light. Once you use this desk lamp, then it will make your favorite forever.
Have five brightness dimming levels and five different color temperatures: white light, warm yellow light, cold white light, yellow and natural light.

The overall size of the lamp is 17.09 x 4.61 x 1.54 inches. Flickers’ free light offers an ideal level of brightness, covering up the large space without harming the user’s eyes. 1.72 pounds desk lamp is very easy to move from one place to another. There are many benefits of using LED light as it reduces migraines, strain from the eyes, and other light conditioning.

The user does not need to worry about turning off the light because it is built with a 30/60 auto timer. Unlike other desk lamps, it’s a well-balanced, sleek body, strong base, and compact head desk lamp. Produce a serious, equal amount of light because both intensity and color are highly customized in the user’s hand. Have sharp and crisp light with a sleek appearance.

  • Multipurpose desk lamp
  • Best for people who work for longer on the computer desk
  • Have wireless charging USB base
  • Made with eye caring technology
  • Five brightness levels, five color temperatures
  •  Expensive in comparison

10. Ambertronix LED Desk Lamp

Ambertronix LED Desk Lamp

A perfect desk lamp for relaxes mode, reading mode, sleep mode, and study mode. Have the ability to turn off automatically after 1 hour. The desk lamp’s height is 16.5 inches, width is about 8 inches, and length is 12.5 inches. It is sufficient and impressive for its size. This product design is simple, foldable, and space-saving. The lumen flux of the Ambertronix LED desk light is 530 lumens. Suitable either for office and home use.

The rending color index of the lamp is almost near to the natural light. All the lamp settings were done by a very responsive touch control panel found between the base and arm of the lamp. The light-weightiness and compactness of the base make it easier to use. Flexible arm and head rotate easily.

A 14 wattage LED bulb is enough for a desk lamp to illuminate a huge area. The weight is 3.2 pounds, and the voltage is 12v. Great lamp with different lights, and it’s very easy to assemble—touch-sensitive dimmer of the lamp feature for four various lighting modes and five different brightness levels.

USB port used for 5v, 1-1.5A type devices. This desk lamp is made with high quality, anti-rust, and durable material that enhances its working life. Jet black color fits with every room decor. It comes in shiny, finishing with a sleek look. Body of the lamp made with scratch and dust resist material. have a great value for buyer money.

  • Have 14 watts LED light
  • 12.5 inches lengthy
  • Increase in concentration
  • Flexible head and arm
  • Rotatable and bendable
  • Heavier than others

Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best desk lamp for computer work?

There are some factors to find or things to consider before buying a desk lamp. These guidelines help you to select a lamp light for the computer table. These are essential to make your choice easy and best.

Different types of lamps are used for different tasks because of their shape, size, and light quality. The most critical or vital aspects of a good desk lamp are,

  • Color of Light

A color-changing desk lamp is best for computer work because it allows changing the light color regarding computer tasks. Blue light has more danger than others. The best color temperature range is from 2700-6500K, which offers clear light for proper working.

  • Height of the Lamp

The distance of about 40-60cm is suitable to prevent user eyes from strain and fatigue.  A swing arm lamp is best for a large desk and a lamp with a small base best for a small desk. The height of the lamp should be enough to cover the work area.

  • Consider the Position of On and Off Button

It should be easy to switch on or off the lamplight. Therefore it is essential to consider this factor before buying a desk lamp. Some excellent switching options include the base switch, touch system desk lamp, and pull chain. So ensure to select one from this.

  • Adjustability

An adjustable desk lamp allows adding a proper light to the computer desk and minimizing the glare. Make sure to select a desk lamp with a strong and heavy base that allows moving the desk quickly without holding the lamp. The length of the arm should be long enough to adjust it at the right angle.

  • Power Source

The desk lamp selection is completely the user’s personal decision to select between corded desk lamp, USB port desk lamp, and battery operated desk lamp. The rechargeable USB port is the best and the latest addition to an LED desk lamp. It is more straightforward to use than a corded desk lamp.

  • Warranty and price

Some lamp is expensive, but they lack features as not having a light, flexible option. Some have a low price but offer excellent control in the user’s hand. So it’s your choice to select an expensive or inexpensive tool, but it should be a multi-functional desk lamp with a long time warranty.


Some frequently asked questions and answers are below to help you plan and choose your next desk lamp.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”How can we consider High-Quality light?” answer-0=”The LED lamp is versatile with power-saving features. An incandescent bulb offers bright light to go with a high-quality lamp check. Must check the color rending index and color temperature of the lamp as the CRI or color temperature should be range between 80-100CRI and 2700-6500k, respectively. This type of light provides clear light and a pleasant effect.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”What is the Best Placement of Lamp for Computer Work?” answer-1=”It should be placed at the perfect angle where it does not create shadow as for left-handed person lamp should be placed at the right side of the desk and vice versa. In this way, it illuminates the require area and offers glare-free working.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”Is All Desk Lamp Use For Computer Having Auto-Dimming?” answer-2=”No, Some LED lamps have auto-dimensional features that detect environment illumination and adjust the brightness to create a good atmosphere. And few lamps have a dimming knob that allows the user to adjust brightness according to the task or mood. But other desk lamps do not have the option to adjust the brightness; they have a fixed light color and intensity.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”How much energy are Computer lamps consuming?” answer-3=”Every desk lamp has different power consumption. LED desk lamp for computers consumes low energy. Rather incandescent bulb type is less energy efficient when looking for a high-quality lamp than choosing a glare-free and flicker-free brightness.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”What is the best Bulb type for Computer Task?” answer-4=”Its Depends upon user preference as Incandescent Bulb has nice warm light and dimmable features; the compact fluorescent light bulb has a longer life span. And it is an energy-efficient lamp with cool white light; halogen bulb has bright warm light and dimmable features. On the other hand, the most recommended light is LED that consumes low energy, produces little heat with cool white light, and has various color options with a long time warranty.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Wrap It Up

Almost all the lamps discussed in this writing have a proper adjustment system that helps them adjust light at the shadow-free position. It also helps to reduce computer glare and strain on the eyes. It allows the user to make a decision in choosing the best desk lamp for computer work according to their needs because all have a great design blend of elegance and simplicity.

The review also has to buy guides that need the user to understand before investing money in it. These guides help Users to select desk lamps that look stylish in design and have many extra features. Any of the lamps will not disappoint you ever and keeps the user away from eye problems.

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