Best Swing Arm Desk Lamps

Best Swing Arm Desk LampsIt’s necessary to have proper light on the desk because it’s a way to reduce strain on users’ eyes while reading books or working on a computer. There is a lot of desk lamp to choose for different purposes, but a best swing arm desk lamp is a source to efficiently illuminates your workspace.

Swing arm desk lamp allows placing the lamp at the exact point the user needs light because it has a flexible arm and usually has different brightness levels. This type of Lamp has extra features as they are energy-efficient, highly adjustable, portable, and multifunctional and are very stylish.

LED light technology of the Lamp proves it more enjoyable due to the extra bright light. It is a perfect choice because it’s straight forward to adjust it to any position. Swing arm lamp gives practical light and looks lovely on every desk. Some of the essential tasks require special light that produces by these desk lamps.

Top 10 Best Swing Arm Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are available in different styles and designs. Here are the reviews’ pros and cons of some best swing arm desk lamp that makes your life easier by providing the best quality light.

1. BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp with Swing Arm

BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp with Swing Arm

  • The desk lamp is built with highly adjustable and moveable joints.
  • This desk lamp with a swing arm has 2,700K -5,700K color temperature.
  • Dimensions of this BenQ desk lamp are 22 x 8.66 x 24.61 inches.
  • LED type light bulb place inside it for a long time warranty and less power consumption.
  • The lighting coverage of the desk lamp is 90cm.
  • The illuminance of the light is 1800lux at 40cm height.
  • It is a flexible and durable desk lamp with an adjustable arm.
  • The maximum light range of the desk lamp is 35 inches.
  • This desk lamp equipped with smart eye technology
  • Produce ambient glow in the room with smart detect technology

It is included in the best swing arm lamp due to its glare-free light, different brightness levels, auto-dimming feature and wide desk illumination. Ben Q reading desk lamp has great transformation and versatility.

The adjustable knob offers excellent control in the user’s hand by adjusting the brightness between warm and cold light. The high-quality lamp light reduces glare on the user’s eyes by altering it at an optimized balanced. The desk lamp has excellent lighting coverage as it has 150% wider illumination than others.

The Lamp’s auto-dimming feature automatically detects the lightning need of the room and dramatically adjusts the lamp brightness at a comfortable level. The weight of the product is very light, and the power wattage is 18watt.

The desk lamp is built with an adjustable arm and curved head technology with smooth and flicker-free light. Produce suitable flickers free and ultra-white natural light that easily adjusts with dark light or dark environment.

  • Various lightning modes
  • Lightweight Lamp
  • Curved head with fully adjustable swing arm structure
  • Have a built-in sensor
  • Have different brightness levels
  • Expensive
  • Heavy than few others

2. JOLY JOY Modern Architect Desk Lamp

JOLY JOY Modern Architect Desk Lamp

  • Stepless dimming in one of the unique feature of this desk lamp
  • Have 10/40 minutes timer that makes it easy to switch off after 40 minutes, even user sleep.
  • The 40 inches desk lamp is enough to illuminate a large surface area.
  • Built with the flexible swing arm and three positions adjustable swivel shade
  • The desk lamp has space-saving features because built with high-quality clamps to fit on the table.
  • The LED light of the Lampwork up to 50,000 hours without getting replaced
  • The wattage of the Lamp is 9watts, and the weight is about 1.5lbs.
  • The rending color index of the product is about 85CRI
  • The overall dimension of the desk lamp is 17.3 x 13.3 x 2.1 inches.
  • Built with push-button switch style

Swing arm folding desk lamp has a long time warranty.  The desk lamp has a memory function to save one-time adjustable brightness and color temperature for later use. It is the best way to save electricity and eyes from strain. The lumens of the light is 900 lumens.

The Lamp was built with an adjustable color temperature of 3000k-3500k at warm white light, 4000k-4500k at cold white light and 5500k at daylight. The illuminance of light is 2000k at 12inches in height.

24volts is the power voltage of the desk lamp, and its amperage capacity is about 0.5Amp. Not built up the heat, even use for many hours continuously. The arms are flexible enough to place the light in the area that’s users require to illuminates.

  • Multipurpose Lamp uses for various purposes
  • Eye care technology with high lumen power
  • Flexible arm desk lamp with space-saving features
  • 360-degree rotatable Lamp
  • Built with memory function and timer
  • Some feel the touch control system difficult to control

3. Wellwerks LED Swing Arm Lamp

Wellwerks LED Swing Arm Lamp

  • The desk lamp built with a memory function and timer
  • Six color modes of the Lamp allow to change it according to the task
  • space saving product fix quickly on 2.8 inches thick surface of the desk
  • The weight of the desk lamp is 29 pounds.
  • Dimensions of the product are 2 x 9.1 x 2.4 inches that are suitable for a desk lamp.
  • LED type light bulb use in it and the lamp wattage is about 12 watts
  • Built with 360-degree flexible gooseneck
  • Allow changing the five brightness levels and color temperature with a sensitive touch control panel.
  • Energy-efficient LED lamp that creates perfect ambiance by the environment

The power wattage of the Lamp is 12watts. The five color temperature of the Swing Arm Wellwerks LED Desk Lamp light ranges between 3000k- 5500k. Twenty-four volts desk lamp is perfect for different tasks like reading books, working on the computer and others like this. The desk lamp’s touch control system offers excellent control in the user’s hands to adjust the brightness and change color temperature.

The Lamp is wide and large enough to light up the entire desk with 40 inches long swingarm. If you’re looking for control over a desk lamp’s brightness levels, you just need to buy this Lamp.

It’s built with a memory function; that saves your required setting for next time without changing it. In this way, you will not need to change the location regularly. The desk lamp’s illumination level is higher; that makes it suitable for an ordinary desk.

  • Five colors temperature and brightness level
  • Easy to control by the touch control system
  • Either produce warm and white light.
  • Built with a flexible neck
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Not have any downside.

4. JUKSTG Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp

JUKSTG Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp

  • The frequency range of the lamplight is between 50Hz
  • The lumens of the light are 400lm.
  • Seven brightness levels and four lighting modes
  • The color temperature of the product is 2800K-5500K.
  • The power source of the desk lamp is an electric cord.
  • Produce flickers free light and reduce strain and fatigue from users eyes
  • Have 1-hour auto timer
  • Overall dimensions of the product are 12.6 x 7 x 17.7 inches.
  • Have rotatable metal joints with the latest design

The Desk Lamp, JUKSTG 36pcs LEDs desk lamp is available in low price and beautiful silver color. It is built with a 1-hour auto timer that switches it off after 1 hour to save power. The input voltage of the desk lamp is between 100-240V, and The power wattage is 14watts. The USB charging port of the Lamp allows charging other devices with it.

The Lamp’s sensitive touch control button adjusts seven brightness levels and four lightning modes between reading, studying, relaxing, and sleeping methods.  Charge devise with 5V/1A USB output.  This desk lamp offers multi-angled adjustment for exact lightning at the required spot. It can work for longer, even uses at a higher brightness level.

As a result, it is the perfect tool for your table. The desk lamp is made with corrosion-resistant material. The device’s high illumination levels and sleek appearance include the best swing arm desk lamp. It was built With a high quality, sturdy and robust base.

  • Have 1-hour auto timer
  • Easy to adjust the light with long time warranty
  • The weight of the product is 1.75pounds.
  • The rotating base of the Lamp is highly adjustable.
  • Flickers free light
  • Requires maintenance

5. YOUKOYI Metal Swing Arm Magnifier Lamp

YOUKOYI Metal Swing Arm Magnifier Lamp

  • Light-weighted but strong product to use for reading and computer work
  • Convenient and space-saving desk lamp
  • The illuminance of the light is 790lm, and the wattage is 7w.
  • Requires to long-press the button to adjust the required brightness level
  • foldable features
  • Have 3 different excellent quality color temperature between 3000K-4000K-5000K.
  • The Lamp has a swing arm with 220° up and down and a 350° swivel Adjustable head.
  • The desk lamp is capable of adjusting to various heights.
  • Have excellent clamp design with corrosion resistance material

YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lamp -5X Magnification 4.1inches Diameter Lens suitable for different tasks because it offers a glare-free illuminance. The Lamp arm is foldable enough as the 13.7+13.7 inches large extendable arm of the desk lamp folded about 15.7inches.

The desk lamp has metal construction and is known for its element work. Provide flickers free and soft light that’s rending color index is almost near to the daylight. One of the desk lamp’s best and unique features is its memory function that saves the last time used setting for the latter.

The power wattage of the Lamp is about 7 watts, and the illuminance is about 790LM. Dimensions of the product are about 15.87 x 11.06 x 2.36 inches. The power voltage of the tool is 5 volts.  A professional eye care desk lamp has strong metal clips that easily fit a 2inches/5cm thick tabletop.

  • LED lamp light
  • 5X Magnification is the unique feature of the Lamp
  • Moveable head with longer life
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Built with excellent quality adjustable swing arm
  • Not have a USB charging port

6. BZBRLZ Metal Swing Arm Lamp

BZBRLZ Metal Swing Arm Lamp

  • The desk lamp has a lot of brightness option for various purposes
  • Stepless dimming features with the adjustable button control system and color temperature
  • The clamp fits up to 2.1 inches thick table
  • The rending color index of the desk lamp is about 95CRI that looks like natural light
  • 10watts LED bulb offers cold with normal and warm light
  • Have 18 inches large swivel head that produce suitable brightness and glare-free light
  • The height of the desk lamp is 29inches that is higher than many others

Color temperature is between 3000k- 5500k. The ED Architect Desk Lamp, BZBRLZ Metal Swing Arm Lamp, is built with 180-degree rotatable arms, a 360-degree rotating lamp body, and a 270-degree rotatable base.

It is a compact desk lamp, saves a lot of space on the desk, and produces equal light in the broader working area. The Lamp has an eye-protecting function with an anti-flicker and soft light. Once you use this desk lamp for any purpose, then it’s ensured to tell you that it will make your favorite forever.

The LED light bulb of the product can work up to 60,000 hours without getting replaced. And the desk lamp has a freely adjustable and durable metal body with three different color modes. Light-weighted; product as the overall weight of the desk lamp is about 1.43 pounds.

The Lamp has durable and long-lasting that have a multi-angle adjustable head. There are five different colors and three brightness options that help adjust the light according to the required ambiance.

  • Built with energy-saving LED Lamp
  • Have extra-wide clamp made with metal
  • The switch style of the Lamp is a button.
  • Suitable color temperature
  • Produce eye-protecting light
  • Expensive than few other products of the category

7. Eye-Care Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp

Eye-Care Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp

  • The sensitive touch control system of this product is better than others.
  • Memory function uses to remember the last function user set on it.
  • The weight of the product is just about2 pounds.
  • The desk lamp has strong clamps with silicon pads to attach it to the tabletop.
  • The lumen flux of the desk lamp light is 900 lumens.
  • The flexibility of the desk lamp arm helps the user to operate and use it efficiently.
  • The overall size of the tool is 17.7 x 13.3 x 2.1 inches.
  • Run for many hours continuously without heating up
  • Three flexible but sturdy joints of the lamp design to adjust it at different angles

The number of lights uses in Desk Lamp with Clamp, Eye-Care Swing Arm Desk Lamp, and 10W is 98. The auto-off timer of the desk lamp allows to automatically turning off after 10/40 minutes. Have stepless dimming features and various color options that vary from 3000K to 5500K.

24volts is the power voltage of the lamplight. The length of the swivel lamp head is about 15.8inches. Suitable for reading, relaxing, working and many other purposes like this. The Lamp arm is flexible enough for producing perfect light at the entire working area on the desk.

Clamps are suitable for 2.1 inches thick tabletop. The LED light is the best source to use in desk lamps because it is very energy efficient as 98 LED light uses significantly less energy than other bulbs.

The Lamp is made up of high quality, and strong material as the desk lamp is too sturdy and does not have any chance of breaking. The product comes with a long time warranty, and it’s straightforward to replace the bulb.

  • Multi angled rotatable
  • Eye care LED light to allow to adjust color temperature.
  • High quality LED light bulb.
  • It reduces glare and flickers
  • Not build up heat
  • Some find the light setting is slightly confusing.

8. LED Swing Arm Lamp with Remote Control

LED Swing Arm Lamp with Remote Control

  • Have 360-degree rotatable flexible gooseneck to adjust it freely
  • The Lamp has five dimming levels and five color modes with different brightness options.
  • Users are free to adjust the timer to turn off the light.
  • The remote control setting of the light offers excellent control in the user’s hand.
  • The timer of this product is best than all others as 60 sec to 10 minutes.
  • Offers 4000k light that nearly equals natural daylight for reading and computer work
  • The desk lamp height can be adjusted securely.
  • Comes with modern remote control technology
  • Remote of the desk lamp can work up to 5m/16.4ft distance.

LED Desk Lamp Flexible Gooseneck with Clamp has five color modes from 3000k to 6000k that are suitable for different situations. It has many useful features like broad illumination areas, remote control setting, 60 LED light bulbs and durable metal clamps for extra strength and convenience.

It is a Best of all, lamps with eye care technology and 10 watts power wattage. Five color remotes and five brightness levels make it ideal for complete application in home and office use. It’s effortless to adjust the Lamp to user requirements by its 360-degree rotatable flexible neck.

The light fitted in the Lamp consumes a low amount of electricity. It consumes 90 % less energy than other traditional incandescent light bulbs. The power wattage of the desk lamp is about 10 watts, and the lumen flux is 600lm.

The input voltage and frequency of the desk lamp are 100-240v and 50/60Hz, respectively. The desk lamp has an extremely flexible design, and it is crafted beautifully with shiny black finishing.

  • The dimmable sensitive touch control system
  • Five color modes and five brightness levels
  • Wide illuminance
  • Great value for user money
  • Produce high-quality light
  • Not built with USB port connectivity

9. LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp

  • It’s effortless to select the ideal lighting mode.
  • The dimensions of the desk lamp are about 8 x 10.91 x 4.76 inches.
  • The power voltage of the desk lamp is 120 volts, and the power wattage is 6watts.
  • If you want a highly customized desk lamp, then it is a perfect choice.
  • The weight of the lightning tool is 17 pounds.
  • Have spring in the arm to move it quickly around the table
  • The different clamping and placing abilities prove it versatile.
  • Durability is not an issue for this type of desk lamp.
  • The power source of this desk lamp is an electric cord.

It uses as a Multifunctional desk lamp as it has clamps to clip it with the table and has a strong base to stand on the desk. Users are free to install any type of bulb in LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp, as the best suitable option is 8W-16W energy saving bulb, 4W-6W LED bulb, and the last one is  20W-40W incandescent type light bulb.

Built with an adjustable arm to place the light at the exact spot user needed it. The metal desk lamp comes with an excellent warranty. Have a heavy-duty, durable, and strong metal base makes it sturdy enough to place at any table without worrying about its safety.

Space-saving design and highly movable swing arm. Easy to use the on-off switch. It was built with a stylish design and excellent quality on-off switch control button. Moreover, the desk lamp is easy to adjustable from its moveable joint; you are free to tilt it precisely according to your requirements.

  • Have metal construction
  • Built with excellent design
  • Straightforward to adjust
  • Available in low price
  • Some find it’s on/off switch hard to use
  • Heavier than few others

10. Eye Caring Led Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Eye Caring Led Swing Arm Desk Lamp

  • Attractive, good looking, and different than others in features
  • Color rending index of the product is higher than 80CRI
  • Three color temperature as 3000k use for warm white light
  • 4000k color temperature uses for natural white light and 5000k services for white daylight
  • Very color temperature has the best range of brightness
  • Requires to long-press the button to change the brightness level
  • The lumen flux of the Lamp is 900 LM.
  • It is a swing arm desk lamp with dimmable features, touch control and healthy light.
  • Effortless operation as one little touch can change the light setting.

4.99 pounds light weighted product with USB charging port is very convenient to use in daily routine. Adjustable angle height allows to effortlessly adjusting the lamplight.  The lifespan of LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, 3 Color- Touch Control Nickel Metal is 20,000 hours with energy-saving features.

It has a beautiful and attractive design. The head has been designed to cover a large surface area. USB charging port allows charging other electrical devices with it like a mobile tablet and others.

The head of the desk lamp is adjustable at a significant level known as a 360°adjustable lamp head. The product’s dimensions are 15.2 x 7.7 x 7.7 inches according to the length, width, and height of the product. The USB port of the Lamp can work even the Lamp is switch off.

The Lamp produces soft, smooth flickers and glare-free light to reduce strain on the user’s eyes while working on the computer, reading books or during any other task. This desk lamp is suitable to fulfill all user requirements in shorts time and low money.

  • Better and unique design
  • Last up for longer
  • Eye caring light with an energy-saving bulb
  • Flexible arm and rotatable head
  • The design of the Lamp may not be suitable for everyone.

Buying Guides

There are significant numbers of products that need to be carefully considered before taking a final decision. These are some most important factors to find in a swing arm desk lamp. To check these features in a desk lamp is a way to prevent the desk lamp’s reliability, effectiveness, and durability.

  • Flexible Arm

It should have a flexible arm that allows the user to focus on a specific area while working on the computer, sleeping or reading books. With an adjustable body and arm, one of this desk lamp’s better features is the rotatable head. The component’s length should be large enough to fix it at the right angle and spot where light is needed.

  • Color Rending Index

The suitable color rending index for a desk lamp light ranges between 85 to 100CRI. Some desk lamp offers complete control in users hand ad it fully customized to adjust the light with night and day according to the light requirements.

  • Illumination

Make sure to select a desk lamp that adequately illuminates the area where the user needs light as it should be capable of providing the exact level of light without getting extra power. And allow the user to work for a long time efficiently.

  • Stable desk lamp

The desk lamp’s base should be strong and sturdy enough because a heavy product allows to moving the desk quickly without worrying about the safety of the Lamp. Some of the stable desk lamps have a USB port in their base that will enable users to charge other electrical devices.

  • Connectivity of the Desk Lamp

The desk lamp connection selection depends upon the user preference as some of the Lamp requires a direct connection with the electrical socket. And the other types of lamps are battery-powered or powered through USB.

  • Heat Resistance

Make sure to choose the desk lamp with the right heat resistance technology. Because an electric device efficiently heats up, that may cause skin problems, increase strain or users eyes and have many other disadvantages.

  • Quality of the Material

The most important thing to check in the best swing arm desk lamp is the quality of material because a high-quality desk lamp lasts up longer. To check the quality of the Lamp fits the structure and material of the desk lamp. They are more stable and durable to use for different purposes.

  • Price and warranty

An inexpensive lamp doesn’t need to have a lack of features in comparison to others. But sometimes it has many useful features. Therefore one important factor in finding in the desk lamp its long time warranty and reasonable price.


The question and answer about the best swing arm desk lamp help to know about the products’ features.

  1. How to select the suitable size of the swing arm lamp?

There should be the right distance between the desk surface and lamplight. The suitable height is 20-27 inches for the living room, and the ideal lamp height for every table is 24-27 inches, but it can be higher. Decide your range that which size of swing lamp you should buy for as desk.

  1. How much illumination level does the swing arm lamp provide?

A best swing arm desk lamp built with LED  light produces higher illumination than others and is a very energy-saving lamp; therefore, it allows to use the lamplight for longer without worrying about anything. The suitable color temperatures for eyes are ranges from 2700k-6500k. And it will enable changing the color modes of light according to the task.

  1. Does every swing arm desk lamp have a memory function?

No, every swing arm desk lamp does not have a memory function. But it is the best of all features to find in a desk lamp. Memory functions mean that once the user sets theirs, they prefer light mode on the desk lamp and the Lamp automatically saves this setting next time. In this way, the desk lamp not requires to set brightness regularly.

  1. What swings arm desk lamp is best with a Normal Battery or Built-In Rechargeable Battery?

A desk lamp with a built-in rechargeable battery suitable for the long-term task and offers high-quality light for many hours. This type of batteries charged quickly and has an longer run time. But it’s an expensive process to replace the desk lamp battery again and again. Preferably A desk lamp with a chargeable battery best for outdoor activities and office work.

Wrapping up!

Whenever you are looking for the best swing arm desk lamp, these top 10 products should be considered. The unique design of the lights helps you to adjust it according to your lighting needs.

The desk lamps discuss in this content have adjustable arms that can be easily moved from one position to another to complete a range of lighting tasks. Provide bright and glare-free light to work under it. Due to the flexible features and reasonable price range, these products are categorized as best.

The buying guides help you to select the right product according to your needs.  It does not just help to work efficiently; instead, it has a significant impact on the eyes. Some of the Lamp has excellent versatility as one product is enough for various tasks.


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