Why is My Salt Lamp Leaking/Weeping?

why is my salt lamp leaking

Salt is one of the most essential and necessary parts of any household. It is the oldest yet the most important element present in the earth’s mines. Salt lamps are created from natural chunks of salt harvested from salt mines. These lamps are handcrafted to retain their shape and their beauty. One of the main … Read more

Headlamp Uses: Reasons Why you Need a Headlamp? (9 Uses)

headlamp uses

Headlamps are one of the most valuable and versatile sources of light. This handy device has such usefulness and practical implications that we might not think of. One can use it for several different reasons, and you might get surprised at the end. 1. For Fishing or Hunting It is not for the conventional hunters … Read more

What Size Harp For Lamp Shade Do I Need?

What Size Harp For Lamp Shade Do I Need?

Table lamps are not an alien concept to any household. These lamps come in multiple different sizes and shapes. If you are thinking of buying a lamp from any store, be sure to know its measurements and buy a suitable lamp harp for it. Most table lamps use a harp to support the lampshade. Usually, … Read more

Are Lava Lamps Dangerous?


Lava lamps are a decoration often seen in people’s homes. They are also a common sight in college dorm rooms and bedrooms. Many people enjoy the calming effect of watching the slowly moving lava blob inside the lamp. However, some people may wonder if these lamps are safe. So, are lava lamps dangerous? The short … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of A Salt Lamp?

benefits of a salt lamp

Salt lamps are crystals of red colour salt. Mostly, it belongs to the mountainous regions of the world. Salt lamps are cut down in the centre to shape them in the form of a heat lamp. These salt lamps also work like light bulbs. In other words, salt lamps are attractive lights that you can … Read more

What Color LED Lights help with Headaches?

What Color LED Light Helps With Headaches?

The pain in the face, upper neck, and head region with different intensities is normally known as headache. A severe form of headache is defined as a migraine. It is an unbearable and non-treatable disease that just be prevented by taking some medicines or precautions.  Recently some studies and researchers have found that there is … Read more

How to Lighten a Dark Hallway

How To Lighten A Dark Hallway

Hallways are the basic places of arrival and leaving the home. To give an attractive look and smart welcome avoid dim lighting and dark furniture in your hallway, rather use color palettes, and great mirrors to bring your entry peacefully. ┬áIn this way, you can easily turn your darker and unattractive hallway into a purposeful … Read more