Best Desk Lamps for Artists

No matter if you love to draw or read being an architect does come with its benefits especially when you are sitting in the light to paint something. If you are thinking to purchase lighting fixtures to support your hobby or work area then Best Desk Lamps for Artists will suffice.

As an artist, you need to make sure you get the best quality lamps that will bring new and innovative things to aid you to make an excellent painting.

This can pose a serious problem and for that, you need to replace them with desk lamps that can shadow your working areas and the dim light impact on your drawings.

Some Features to Consider Before Buying Desk Lamps

There is a saying a great artist is not complete unless he has all the necessary tools and desk lamps are specifically made for these types of skillset.

Every artist needs a lamp to adjust the brightness and color at different times. What makes a great desk lamp for people will be wrong for the other one.

So, what are the main features you need to look at when purchasing a high-quality desk lamp? Check out a few main factors to getting the idea such as,

  • How it is Mounted

Some lamps can be clipped into the surface and designed to be portable, while others come with a stand or base and take up a very small space at your art desk.

With this kind of mobility and stability, the desk lamps have become more significant than any other typical traditional, tiffany, gooseneck, and banker lamps.

  • Style & Color

Desk lamps are more than just average lighting giving sources as they provide you with enough power and sufficient lighting to get the job done.

Do you love bold colors and modern designs? Or just a muted color and standard design? There are a lot of choices you can choose according to your taste and needs.

10 Best Desk Lamps for Artists (Top Picks)

1. Tao-TRONICS TT-DL16 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp

Tao-TRONICS TT-DL16 stylish metal LED desk lamp

Elegant metal body, versatile LED, and advanced memory switch

Tao-TRONICS TT-DL16 stylish metal LED desk lamp is fully adjustable that takes very small space on your working desk. The lamp comes with an 11.5-inch arm blub that pivots to 140 degrees at the neck.

It can be moved to 160 degrees at the base, so it’s got a lot of power to stretch a room. The bulb itself will provide 55 degrees around itself and base can be rotated to 90 degrees as well.

With this kind of adjustment level, you can create a stick lighting or far-reaching bulb for medium to large size desks.

The touch sensors can turn the light on and off and can adjust the brightness level with ease. You will get six types of different brightness and 4 different lighting options. You can choose from cool white, natural light, yellow, warm yellow and many more.

Bonus tip:

The round base is small and won’t take up much space sitting on the corner of the desk. Its base is perfectly weighted and tends to wobble when making adjustments to angles as well.

The desk lamp is made from aluminum and alloy casing for heat dispersion and gives aesthetic pleasing overall.

Key Features

  • Flexible and durable full metal body
  • Multi-angle adjustable arm and head
  • Offers Lights and more color options
  • Easy for your eyes with light guide panel transmits
  • Glare-free illumination
  • Multiple functions with USB port memory functions, night light, and night light
  • Color temperature up to 2800K to 6500K
  • Flicker-free light makes painting and drawing easier on the eyes
  • USB port for charging keep cords off the way
  • unlimited positioning options
  • the base could be a little heavier

This desk lamp offers industry-leading LED lighting solutions to home and professional places. It can make most of your daily activities a lot easier.

2. LEPOWER LED Desk Lamp

LEPOWER LED desk lamp

Eye caring, stepless brightness, and non-flickering light

If you are looking for a complete adjustable desk lamp then LEPOWER LED desk lamp offers you amazing results, versatility, durability, and peak performance.

The desk lamp takes up almost zero desk space and the clamp on a lamp is also fully adjustable with five various pivot points.

When you set the lamp, you can tighten the wing nut screws the way you desire and secure the position the way you want it. The LED bulb is also adjustable not in position but most probably in brightness.

There are four levels of brightness level you can choose from low, medium, and high. The lamp produces 18 lumens to 170 lumens respectively.

The power supply works with a simple USB port and you can power the lamp from any energy source like USB port cells, laptop computers or plug into the wall with provided adapter.

Bonus tip:

There are two points that you need to concerned about when buying this fantastic desk lamp. First, the clamp needs to be flush from top to bottom of the desk surface. if there is no deviance the clamp will be wobble.

Once you secure the lamp, it will not be more. The second point is the blub arm pivot point and you can change the settings Nemours ways.

Key Features

  • eye protection LED desk lamp with the latest lighting technology
  • produces a soft and flicker-free light
  • relieve visual fatigue to protect eyes
  • adjustable color brightness with 4 temperatures
  • sensitive touch lamp with memory function
  • easy and convenient to use
  • simple and modern design with metal material
  • comes with 12 months of warranty
  • multi-joint adjustable lamp
  • eye-pleasing design
  • long-life LED blubs
  • compatible with smart plugs and wall switches
  • adjustments can come loose over the time
  • the clamp must be perfectly secured and seated

With this desk lamp, you can have a highly efficient and convenient lighting experience that is friendly for eyes and you can customize the light and satisfyingly continue drawing from any angle.

3. Swingarm LED Desk Lamp

Swingarm LED desk lamp

Eye-care dimmable light, flexible arms, and handy angles

The Swingarm LED desk lamp comes with 32 -inch adjustable arm and is much taller than any other on the list.

This one has 3 pivot points, one at the shaft, one on the neck, and one on the spring arm at the base.

The lamp also has a clamp and does not require a bubble-level flat surface. The metal screw-adjusted clamp can also be expanded to accommodate mounting and desks areas up to three inches.

So, measure on both sides of the desk is set equally and unlike others, the desk lamp comes with a standard light bulb.

The great news is that when you buy this one you will get a bulb that lets you choose color tone even on 60 watts to suit your needs.

Bonus tip:

The power switch comes in a twist dial located on the blub which is quite a tactical way. You can easily position it the way you feel in the right way.

You will also get the luxury of getting a seven-foot power cord to reach any outlet near the desk.

Key Features

  • long swing arm desk lamp with flexible and swiveled shade
  • easily position for focused and directional lighting
  • eye care LED adjustable flicker-free light to clear out shadows, glares, and halos
  • ideal for any occasion like working, drawing, hobbies, crafting, and painting
  • space saving clamp can be mount easily
  • compact and slim design
  • energy saving high efficiency LED lamp
  • the lifespan of 40,000 hours without replacements
  • premium aircraft-grade aluminum alloy sleek finish
  • comes with one year of warranty
  • multiple adjustable joints
  • flicker-free LED bulb
  • lower energy consumption
  • 6 color modes and 8 brightness levels
  • Battery operated power
  • No memory functions
  • Not very bright

This desk lamp is one of the leading ones that can be used in residential and commercial lighting areas.

It is engineered to achieve a high level of aesthetic beauty and performance. This one is a multifunctional model you should purchase.

4. Tao-TRONICS Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp

Tao-TRONICS Eye-caring LED desk lamp

Stylish design, built-in touch controls, and dimmable sensor

Tao-TRONICS LED desk lamp is considered one of the Best Desk Lamps for Artists because of its long swingarm and clamp that comes with superb adjustable pivot points.

The biggest difference you can check is the height advantage and constriction of materials. Each one of them is smartly joined from aluminum to alloy for long-lasting mechanisms.

The heat dissipation is also next level and blubs housing comes with an E26 style LED bulb that is enough to brighten a big art room.

This one offers 4 watts LED which is equivalent to 250 watts incandescent. Its sleep white design has an incredible and flexible gooseneck and can be adjusted to any angle for users.

The desk lamp mimics the natural light and gives illumination of the natural spectrum to reduce eye strain in so many ways.

Bonus tip:

The touch-operated dimmer allows you to customize the light beam and adjust to mostly light intensity levels.

The 3-color changing mode is also quite amazing from warm lighting to give relaxation and smart light function to give you comfort at night while working.

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Key Features

  • Shines a flicker-free bright light on your workspace
  • Beautifully gentle on your eyes
  • Endless lighting possibilities
  • Creates an excellent ambiance with LED’s unique combination of colors
  • Functional USB port
  • Adjustable design and freedom to cast perfect spotlight and tilt head to 150 degrees and 90 degrees swivel
  • Outstanding environmental performance to reduce electricity bills up to 80%
  • Multiple light options through LED bulb selection
  • Easy toggle power buttons access from the power cord
  • Adjustable to reach a height above 40 inches and expands to 25 inches
  • No method to adjust the tone of light or brightness
  • Bulb housing heat dissipation can be better

Now you can enjoy life to the fullest thanks to this wonderful desk lamp that offers unlimited options for artists who like to spend most hours on a workbench.

5. IVICT 24 Clip-on Light Desk Lamp

IVICT 24 clip-on light desk lamp

360-degree adjustable clip light, strong metal design, and energy-efficient

IVICT 24 clip-on light desk lamp is a contemporary lamp that is suited for any decoration. It has a great design and finish and modernized eye-catching elements to your artistry work.

This one has 30 different lighting options available and 5 color modes with 15 stepless brightness levels.

The adjustable arms and head are also able to beam the desired light whenever you want. Except for the standard functions, dimmable lights, and eye caring performance, this lamp comes with an infrared motion sensor where you can just wave your hands over the lamp to turn it on and off.

The lamp also is quite durable and has a grey finish and is designed to long last with 5 springs for better balance.

Tall people will take full advantage of the lamp and use it extended horizontally after the lamp is mounted and holds position firmly.

Bonus tip:

The side lighting area no matter how dark it is, will surely give you amazing lighting size with a range of 70 inches and twice wider than others.

The touch-on switch allows you to set more than 20 modes without distraction and get a pleasant feeling in the working room and you do not have to reset the light time after time.

Key Features

  • 3 light modes and 10 brightness levels
  • The clip lamp can give color temperature up to 4500K
  • Suitable white light illumination
  • Eye protective with non-ghosting light
  • Great 360-degree gooseneck
  • Powered USB adapter
  • Auto shut off switch and memory function
  • Eco friendly LED light
  • 100% satisfying results and long-lasting warranty
  • Light direction is flexible
  • The molding technology and roasting 4 layers of painting for a long run
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Space-saving design
  • The cord is longer
  • Work with incandescent and LED bulbs
  • The internal surface of the lampshade has an issue
  • Despite the rubber pads, the clamp can be damaged

Once you have turned on the desk lamp you will begin to see a soft white light that can go on for long hours and never gives your eye fatigue. It is a must-have that you should get now without having second thoughts.

6. TRONED LED Clamp Desk Lamp

TRONED LED clamp desk lamp

Infinite flexibility, super bright LED, and multipurpose

The TRONED LED clamp desk lamp is completely flexible that takes little space in your working work area. The lamp accompanies a 16.5-inch arm blub that turns 180 degrees at the neck.

It tends to be moved to 190 degrees at the base with energy-saving, so it has a ton capacity to extend a room. The bulb itself will give 55 degrees around itself and the base can be turned to 90 degrees too.

With this sort of change level, you can make a stick lighting or extensive bulb for medium to enormous size work areas.

The touch sensors can kill the light on and can modify the splendor level effortlessly. You will get six sorts of various splendor and 4 distinctive lighting choices. You can browse cool white, characteristic light, yellow, warm yellow, and some more.

Bonus tip: 

The round base is little and won’t occupy a lot of room sitting on the edge of the work area. Its base is entirely weighted and will in general wobble when making changes reflecting points also.

The work area light is produced using aluminum and compound packaging for heat scattering and gives tasteful satisfaction in a general way.

Key Features

  • Flexible and sturdy full metal body
  • Multi-edge flexible arm and head
  • Offers Lights and more shading alternatives
  • Easy for your eyes with light guide board transmits
  • Glare-free light
  • Multiple capacities with USB port memory capacities, night light, and night light
  • Color temperature up to 5800K to 9000K
  • Quite to operate
  • ETL certified
  • Flicker-free light makes painting and drawing simpler on eyes
  • USB port for charging
  • unlimited situating choices
  • sturdy base
  • ideal for arts and crafts
  • too big to be on the table
  • not suitable for decorative purposes

The desk lamp light offers industry driving LED lighting answers for home and expert spots. It can make the greater part of your day-by-day exercises much simpler.

7. Daylight U32100-01 Combo White Desk Lamp

Daylight U32100-01 combo white desk lamp

Durable metal finish, non-gleaming light, and touch-sensitive switches

You are searching for a total movable work area light, at that point Daylight, U32100-01 combo white desk lamp offers you stunning outcomes, flexibility, solidness, and pinnacle execution.

The work area lamp occupies right around zero work area room and the clasp on light is likewise completely movable with five different rotate focuses.

At the point when you set the light, you can fix the wing nut screws how you want and secure the position how you need it. The LED bulb is additionally movable not in a position yet most presumably in splendor.

There are four degrees of brilliance level you can look over low, medium, and high. The light creates 18 lumens to 150 lumens separately with 28 watts of daylight.

The force flexibly works with a straightforward USB port and you can control the light from any vitality source like USB port cells, PCs plug into the divider with gave connector.

Bonus tip: 

you have to be concerned when purchasing this fabulous work area light. First, the brace should be flush through and through the work area surface. there is no abnormality the cinch will be unsteady.

When you secure the light, it won’t be anymore. The subsequent point is the blub arm rotate point and you can change the settings Nemours ways.

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Key Features

  • eye assurance LED work area light with most recent lighting innovation
  • produces delicate and flash free light
  • high power desk lamp
  • relieve visual weakness to secure eyes
  • adjustable shading splendor with 4 temperatures
  • sensitive touch light with memory work
  • easy and helpful to utilize
  • simple and present-day look with metal material
  • comes with a year of guarantee
  • multi-joint customizable light
  • eye-satisfying plan
  • flicker-free electronic ballast
  • long-life LED blubs
  • compatible with brilliant attachments and divider switches
  • choosing the right color temperature takes time

With this desk lamp, you can have an exceptionally productive and helpful lighting experience that is cordial for the eyes and you can alter the light and satisfyingly keep drawing from any point.

8. Tao-TRONICS TT-DL11 LED Desk Lamp

Tao-TRONICS TT-DL11 LED desk lamp

Eye-care friendly LED light, adaptable arms, and convenient panels

The Tao-TRONICS TT-DL11 LED desk lamp 15-inch flexible arm and is a lot taller than some other desk lamps that you might not be interested in.

This one has 5 rotate focuses, one at the pole, one on the neck, and one on the spring arm at the base. The light likewise has a brace and doesn’t require an air pocket level surface.

The metal screw balanced clasp can likewise be extended to suit mounting and work areas zones up to three inches.

In this way, measure on both sides of the work area is set similarly and dissimilar to other the work area light accompanies a standard light.

The extraordinary news is that when you purchase this one you will get a bulb that lets you pick shading tone even on 60 watts to suit your requirements.

Bonus tip: 

The force switch arrives in a bend dial situated on the blub which is a very strategic way. You can without much of a stretch position it how you feel in the right way.

You will likewise get the advantage of getting a seven-foot power string to arrive at any outlet close to the work area for extra usability.

Key Features

  • long swing arm work area light with adaptable and turned shade
  • easily position for engaged and directional lighting
  • sleek and elegant build
  • eye care LED movable glint free light to get out shadows, glares, and coronas
  • ideal for any event like working, drawing, side interests, and painting
  • space-sparing cinch can be mount without any problem
  • compact and thin structure
  • energy sparing high proficiency LED light
  • the lifespan of 60,000 hours
  • premium airplane grade aluminum amalgam smooth completion
  • comes with one year of guarantee
  • multiple movable joints
  • scratch-free design
  • flicker-free LED bulb
  • excellent lamp for close work
  • lower vitality utilization
  • 7 shading modes and 10 color levels
  • Battery worked power
  • No memory capacities
  • Not very flexible neck

This desk lamp is one of the main ones that can be utilized in private and business lighting regions.

It is designed to accomplish a significant level of tasteful excellence and execution. This one is a multifunctional model you should buy at any cost if you care for your precious eyes.

9. BenQ E-Reading LED Desk Lamp

BenQ E-reading LED desk lamp

Auto dimmable mode, ergonomic design, and adjustable height and angle

The BenQ E-reading LED desk lamp is viewed as outstanding amongst other Best Desk Lamps for Artists due to its long swingarm and brace that accompanies eminent flexible rotate focuses.

The greatest contrast you can check is the stature bit of leeway and choking of materials. Every last one of them is cleverly joined from aluminum to amalgam for an enduring component.

The warmth scattering is likewise next level and blubs lodging accompanies a unique style LED bulb that is sufficient to light up a major craftsmanship room.

This one offers 4 watts LED which is proportionate to 550 watts radiant. Its rest white plan has an unbelievable and adaptable gooseneck and can be acclimated to any plot for clients.

The work area light emulates the common light and gives brightening of regular range to diminish eye strain from numerous points of view.

Bonus tip: 

The touch worked dimmers permit you to alter the light shaft and change in accordance with for the most part light force levels.

The 3-shading changing mode is likewise very astonishing from warm lighting to give relaxing and savvy light capacity to give you comfort in the evenings while working.

Key Features

  • Shines a glint free splendid light on your workspace
  • Beautifully delicate on your eyes
  • Weighted steel base
  • Zero flicker technology
  • Endless lighting prospects
  • Creates a great climate with LED’s interesting blend of hues
  • Functional USB port
  • Adjustable plan and opportunity to cast impeccable spotlight and tilt head to 150 degrees and 90 degrees turn
  • Outstanding ecological execution to decrease power consumption
  • Good for decorative purposes
  • 150% wider light coverage
  • Easy switch power catches access from the force rope
  • Adjustable to arrive at tallness over 40 inches and grows to 35 inches
  • The lamp must be fitted through the clamp tightly
  • Bulb lodging heat dispersal can be better

Presently you can appreciate this desk lamp with gratitude to this magnificent work area light that offers boundless choices for artists who like to burn through most hours on a workbench without any glare.

10. Tao-TRONICS Eye Earing 5V/2A LED Desk Lamp

Tao-TRONICS eye caring 5V/2A LED desk lamp

Customizable clasp light, fabric metal material, and high-quality material

Tao-TRONICS eye caring 5V/2A LED desk lamp is a light that is fit for any design. It has incredible structure and finish and modernized eye-getting components to your masterfulness work.

This one has 5 diverse lighting alternatives accessible and 5 shading modes with 9 stepless radiance levels.

The movable arms and head are additionally ready to shaft the ideal light at whatever point you need. Aside from the standard capacities, dimmable lights, and eye-caring execution.

Its light accompanies an infrared movement sensor where you can simply wave your hands over the light to turn in here and there.

The light likewise is very sturdy and has a dark completion and intended to long last with 5 springs for better parity.

individuals will exploit the light and use it broadened on a level plane after the light is mounted and holds position solidly.

Bonus tip: 

The side lighting territory regardless of how dull it is, will most likely give you astounding lighting size with a scope of 60 minutes timer and twice more extensive than others.

The touch-on switch permits you to set more than 20 modes without interruption and get a wonderful inclination in the working room and you don’t need to reset the light on numerous occasions.

Key Features

  • Modern light modes and smart levels
  • Gentle on eyes
  • The cut light can surrender shading temperature using touch control
  • Suitable white light brightening
  • Eye defensive with non-ghosting light
  • Multi-joint arm
  • Powered USB connector
  • Auto shut off switch and memory work
  • Light bearing is adaptable
  • The forming innovation is great
  • Easy to use
  • compact
  • Space sparing structure
  • The illumination is longer and wider
  • Work with glowing and LED bulbs
  • Traditional looking design
  • The lamp is too angular

When you have turned on the desk lamp light you will start to see a delicate light that can continue for extended periods and never gives your eye weariness.

It is an unquestionable requirement have that you need to get now without having to invest in any other lighting tool.

Buying Guide

How to choose Best Desk Lamps for Artists in 2022?

Finding an ideal desk lamp for artists requires a little research and knowledge to get what you truly looking for.

Below you are about to see a comprehensive guide and key factors of a high-quality lamp unit to help you in making a good purchasing decision.

1) Lamp categories

  • Halogen lamps provide you bright natural light that is good for reading
  • LED lamps produce less heat and come at a high price range. They are popular for their concentrated light beam and comes with an eternal lifespan
  • Incandescent lamps are regular bulbs and quite cheaper, they produce a yellowish light
  • Fluorescent lamps provide natural-looking light and are quite efficient

2) Design

This is the main thing that attracts your eyes. There are plenty of options that are designed to stand and comes with a mounted desk and a clip.

Some models are true space savers and can be mounted horizontally and vertically.

 3) Flexibility

These key factors also play an important role as laps will allow you to direct light wherever you want is quite impressive and important.

4) Lighting Adjustments

You can think about the adjustment level control that you want to have in your desk lamp. You can choose the ones that have dimmer control, brightness and color variations, and accent lighting.

5) Extra Functionality

Desk lamps are capable of charging which makes them even more convenient with additional functions and features.

6) Warranty and price

Typically, inexpensive models of desk lamps lack several features, while some lamps come with all whistles and bells but with high price tags, which can be good for some people.


These are some real facts about Best Desk Lamps for Artists that you should pay attention to and grab the one you might think is perfect with fined tuned adjusting.

The above-mentioned products are highly recommended as they can fulfill all your requirements to paint, draw, read, work, craft, and much more.

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