Can Salt Lamps Cause Headaches?

Salt lamps are not just used to provide gorgeous lightning rather some specific types of salt lamps like Himalaya salt lamps emit negative ions. These negative ions can promote health and creates a feeling of well-being when reacting with the body. Himalaya salt lamp is famous for its organic shapes, health benefits, and vibrant hue.  

Although people suffering from headaches can get benefits by using salt lamps as a less intense and less frequent headache could be released by using Himalaya salt lamp.  This salt lamp can cut down or save you from the unseen or silent damage that other electronic devices can do to your brain or body in daily life. 

Can Salt Lamps Cause Headaches? Complete Guide

If you wish to have a salt lamp but are wondering cans a salt lamp causes headache?  NO, even it is claimed that salt lamps use to treat migraines. You will be surprised to know that, placing the salt lamp in your room or home have a lot of health benefits as reducing the chance of headache, helps to deal with arthritis, respiratory problem, and many others like this. 

It produces negative ions in the air, release calming energy in your surroundings, keep you relax, and improve air quality. With relieving migraines and headache it promotes relaxation by purifying the air and relieving stress. Few studies found that With the light of the salt lamp, the people who include salt in their diet have fewer migraines. 

Ways Your Body Respond To the Salt Lamp 

Many researchers report the disadvantages of positive ions that are emitted or produced by devices like microwaves, TV, and many others. Some people are not affected by the presence of these devices but few of them experience sleep issues, headaches, stress, and allergies.

Therefore the negative ions created by the salt lamp can neutralize the effect of these positive ions. Both ions combine and change the nature of charges from positive to neutral. 

Placing Himalaya salt lamps in different areas of your home can maximize the beneficial effect of a salt lamp. Because salt naturally works as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. Salt lamp improves brain health, immune system, offers respiratory relief, provide a glowing complexion and increase relaxation. 

It’s doesn’t mean that salt lamps would have the same effect on all humans. As some people say they feel more relaxed and refreshed after the storm, they feel pleasure due to the number of negative ions in their surroundings. But some feel suffocated in this weather. Same as some like the hue of the salt lamp and some not. 

Tips for Safely Using a Salt Lamp

Whenever you are buying a salt lamp make sure to select an authentic product with safe wires, the wiring of the lamp should be tightly packed and the dimmer switch should be secure, not loose.

Check that the bulb should not touch any part of the salt rock. An authentic salt lamp is muted, produces a soft glow, and they are not shiny. 

Place the lamp at the place where your children or pet can’t touch it. Select a safe, secure and stable surface. With a lot of health benefits, the Himalaya salt lamp brings a warming glow and nice decorative touch to your home or space.

Authentic lamps break or chip immediately if fell.  Fake salt lamps have more resistance to damage as they do not break easily. 

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