What Color LED Lights help with Headaches?

The pain in the face, upper neck, and head region with different intensities is normally known as headache. A severe form of headache is defined as a migraine. It is an unbearable and non-treatable disease that just be prevented by taking some medicines or precautions. 

Recently some studies and researchers have found that there is s connection between headache and light. A person with photophobia or intense is sensitive to light face migraine problem. Sometimes people ride a migraine attack in bright lights or sometimes in a dark room. 

Green LED light is the suitable answer for the question that What Color LED Lights Help with Headaches? Some studies published about headache therapies show the importance of green light in reducing pain intensity. Almost all lights generate electrical signals in the brain but green light generates smaller signals that are less expected to bother people from headache and eye pain.

How Green Light Therapy Works?

There is a great connection between headache and light. Some people get migraine attacks in dark places but sometimes flashing lights or white lights trigger headaches. Simple treatments, especially green light, may play a role in reducing migraine attacks.

Almost all types of lights create an electrical signal in the cortex of the human brain and the retina behind the eye. The basic lights that create the largest signals are blue and red light. And green color light creates very small signals. Therefore it’s never known as the light that bothers people who have photophobia. 

In green therapy, a special, small band of green light used instead, of a single green light. The person with migraine or headache problem has to spend time in this green light and just have to ignore or filter out all other lights. 

Is Green Light Therapy Effective?

However, the researcher found some benefits of green light therapy for the person with a headache. The green lights of a specific frequency and wavelength help to reduce the intensity of headaches and improve the quality of patient life. But the effectiveness of this therapy has not been shown for sure until you try it. 

Greenlight therapy provides superior treatment for migraines that affect more than the white light and red light treatment. It shows some amazing results and properties because its potential helps to ease photophobia and deal with the migraine caused by the extreme sensitivity to light. 

Some Other Ways to Treat Headaches

The medication used to treat migraines may have some side effects as it may not suit some people. Mostly the migraine medications can be beneficial to lower the symptoms of seizures in some people.

There are a few nonmedical options to reduce the symptoms and frequency of migraine/headache:

  • Write your daily activities like diet plan, sleep, and all other physical activities can help you to identify and avoid the cause of headache. 
  • Sleep properly: Lack or excess of sleep can lead to seizures or migraines therefore tries to keep your sleep well and relax before going to bed. Avoid hard food or drugs include beverages at least before 2-3 hours before going to bed. 
  • Good food habits Eat light food regularly and try not to skip meals. 
  • Regular exercise: Regular exercise helps to reduce body pain and make yourself active and smart. And also release chemicals to block pain signals. It may improve your overall health and even good mood. 

Greenlight therapy is an effective method to treat migraines or headaches but in research the effectiveness of green light treatment is inconsistent and until other researchers have done there is still some probability on the effectiveness of Green Light Therapy.

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