What Size Harp For Lamp Shade Do I Need?

Table lamps are not an alien concept to any household. These lamps come in multiple different sizes and shapes. If you are thinking of buying a lamp from any store, be sure to know its measurements and buy a suitable lamp harp for it.

Most table lamps use a harp to support the lampshade. Usually, almost all table lamps use standard, regular weight harps, and weight harp bases. It is important to buy a lamp harp that fits your lamp. If your lamp does not fit its lampshade, it might not work effectively and look very awkward.

Why Do You Need a Lamp Harp?

The main reason for measuring your lamp shade before buying a harp is so it can work properly. Furthermore, try choosing a lamp harp shape that is similar to the shape of your lamp. This will make the harp fit better and work much more efficiently. In case the preferred lamp harp size is not available, you should opt for a bigger harp size.

Choosing a smaller size is never an ideal option and always greatly impacts the performance of the lampshade. If it feels like the harp is too high or too low, you can easily adjust the lampshade.

Does the Shape of the Lamp Affect the Size of the Harp?

One of the main factors in choosing the correct size of lamp harp is considering the shape of your lamp. Your lampshade should be similar to the shape of your lamp base. Moreover, observe the location of your lamp; you need a harp shape that allows the lamp to be stable near a wall or any other furniture.

Some shapes available for lamp harps are round, bell, cylindrical, square, oval, hexagonal, or even rectangular.

How Do You Measure the Correct Lamp Harp Size For Your Lamp?

Lamp harps are the parts attached to the lampstand and simultaneously protect the bulb. Furthermore, a lamp harp is divided into two parts, the first one is the saddle, and the second one is the harp. The saddle is securely placed under the lamp socket. Whereas the harp is lightweight and attached to the lower end of the saddle.

Use a measuring ruler to measure the size of your lamp. Measure how many inches are from the top part to the end. The basic rule of thumb is that the lampshade should not exceed the length of the harp plus half an inch, and it should not be smaller than the lamp harp’s length minus half an inch. A lamp harp of around 6 inches should have a lamp of 5.5 inches or 6.5 inches.

Choosing the correct lamp harp for your lamp is not just about its aesthetic feature but also greatly affects its efficiency. Installing a lampshade indeed does elevate the look of your room and adds a different level of beauty. In addition, a perfect lamp harp would not only keep your lamp secure and protected but would also help in easily maintaining it.

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