What Are The Benefits Of A Salt Lamp?

Salt lamps are crystals of red colour salt. Mostly, it belongs to the mountainous regions of the world. Salt lamps are cut down in the centre to shape them in the form of a heat lamp. These salt lamps also work like light bulbs. In other words, salt lamps are attractive lights that you can buy for your room.

Sellers Claim

Sellers of salt lamps claim a lot about the benefits of using them. For instance, they say that these salt lamps can easily eradicate the presence of electro-smog. Salt lamps also charge the minds of the inhabitants. With their continuous usage, mood disorders like seasonal affective disorder show reduction. Your immune system can also execute the improvement.

These salt lamps work in different ways. In one case, they either grab the allergens and pollutants from their surroundings. But, if we talk about it another way, these lamps also produce negative ions. But there is no exact estimation of how many negatively charged particles are produced through these lamps. It is the reason there is a need to know how exactly salt lamps work.

Does a Salt Lamp Do Anything?

Concerning the actual working of salt lamps, a lot of claims are made by the experts. For example, some people say that they are the source of production for negative ions. It is how they claim that it can lead towards the health improvement of the people using these salt lamps.

Others claim differently by making a comparison between Himalayan Salt and ordinary salt. They say that there is a high concentration of Himalayan Sea salt than ordinary table salt. However, dominant ions that structure the form of a salt lamp include sodium and chloride ions. Consequently, this salt is very stable.

The essential thing about a salt lamp that how does a salt lamp works. These salt lamps are said to have certain health benefits. That’s why they are also called natural ionizers. In other words, these lamps can alter the electrical charge present in the air.

As far as ions are concerned, they are compounds having a charge either positive or negative. Their production is natural in the environment by producing alterations in the air. For instance, waterfalls, water waves, forms, and natural radioactivity produce air ions.

Their production is done by artificial means via commercial air ionizers. But, above all, slat lamps are the source of changing the surrounding air by making ions containing health benefits.

Benefits of a Salt Lamp

Without any scientific evidence, many claims are there about the salt lamp. But we can’t deny that these salt lamps carry many benefits. Some of the benefits of using these salt lamps are as under:

  • Attraction

Their appearance is very attractive. You can easily be fascinated by their look. In this way, you can add attraction and beauty to your house.

  • Fantastic feel

These salt lamps are the source of creating a fantastic ambiance. With their appearance, you can easily have a relaxing environment. In addition, it will help you to breathe in a nice surroundings.

  • Limit light in the evening

These salt lamps can provide you with better sleep as you will be experiencing dim lights in the evening. It means that you can sleep faster.

That’s why; you can have nice addition in your homes. However, it needs to be noted that there exists no evidence regarding health benefits while using salt lamps. 

Tips for Using Salt Lamps Properly

There are certain tips that you can adopt to use salt lamps. These tips also provide some answers to the questions asked. These questions can come in the following category:

Is Sleeping with a Salt Lamp Good For You?

It is one of the most asked questions regarding salt lamps. The reason behind this is that there are again claims about the usage of salt lamps during one’s sleeping.

Some of the claims which are used regarding their use during sleep are as under: 

  1. Few researchers argue that the negative ions of using salt lamps can be beneficial. However, it is not yet proved that salt lamps forecast health improvement in the people using them.
  2. Instead, people show mood and sleep disorders while using salt lamps. It means that the individuals execute anxiety and other unpleasant feelings. Meanwhile, the use of negative ions can better ease reading anxiety and depression among individuals. It is how it helps improve the overall well-being of the individuals.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that one should not use a salt lamp during sleep to avoid hazardous effects.

Where Should You Place Your Salt Lamp?

If you place your salt lamp near your sleeping bed, it can be a better way of using it. However, the best way to place a salt lamp is relevant to the places where you are near to them.

Some of the places where you can place a salt lamp are as under:

  1. Put them beside the table next to your bed.
  2. Put them on your study table or desk to sit near and do your work.
  3. You can also put them near a sofa table which you use frequently.

Along with all these particular places, you can also place these salt lamps in all the places where you spend most of your time.

Can you keep a salt lamp on all night?

When purchasing a salt lamp, you need to ensure that you are buying these lamps with a UL-certified switch. In other words, this switch will be responsible for using salt lamps during the night.

Finally, You can buy a salt lamp to enjoy limited light and many benefits in the nighttime.

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