Why is My Salt Lamp Leaking/Weeping?

Salt is one of the most essential and necessary parts of any household. It is the oldest yet the most important element present in the earth’s mines. Salt lamps are created from natural chunks of salt harvested from salt mines.

These lamps are handcrafted to retain their shape and their beauty. One of the main advantages of these salt lamps is that they remove impurities from your environment.

Moreover, the bulb attached to the lamp gives it a warm, soft glow and creates a pleasant ambiance. The calming effect produced by these lamps makes it a favorite amongst everyone. But, unfortunately, parallel to the salt lamp’s beauty feature. 

Do salt lamps start leaking?

If you are a usual salt lamp user you might have faced the issue of lamp leaking. Salt is hygroscopic, so it absorbs the moisture from its surroundings. The first issue is that along with absorbing moisture, a salt lamp traps within itself some outside impurities too.

How Does The Leaking Start?

So it does not matter where you leave the lamp. It will start leaking. People living in humid and open environments would notice that the lamp starts leaking much faster. 

How does the leaking start?

The process of a salt lamp leaking is very simple. When a salt lamp is exposed to humidity or hot weather, it starts attracting water from its surroundings. As a result, the water present in the air will start condensing over the surface of the lamp. Once the condensed water becomes enough, it starts dripping from the base and hence starts leaking.

How to prevent the salt lamps from leaking?

It is extremely important to understand that the water dripping is not your salt lamp melting. The extra water collected on your lamp surface from the surroundings is just. Unless you live in a very arid area, leaking of the salt lamp is impossible to avoid. However, numerous different things can be done to minimize the leaking effect.

One of the preventives that can be taken is to keep your salt lamp on for the whole day and night. At least keep your lamp on for 16 hours a day. This prevents the lamp from leaking.

Furthermore, a warm lamp is ideal for evaporating the excess moisture and preventing any water leakage. Finally, leaving the lamp on would not greatly affect your electricity bills so this solution would not burn a hole in your pocket.

Naturally, not all corners of your house share the same temperature or the same level of humidity. Some places are more moisture prone than others. Avoid placing your salt lamp in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry areas, washing areas, or open spaces.

If you live in a very humid climate, you will be stuck with leaking lamps. Furthermore, using a bulb of higher wattage would help keep your lamp heated and prevent any condensation of water. 20 to 30-watt bulbs are an ideal choice to prevent moisture absorption. 

A salt lamp is indeed a beauty of its own. If you do not mind a little water dripping from the base, a salt lamp is ideal as it will make your air pure.

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