How Tall Should Bedside Lamps Be?

how tall should bedside lamps be

The bedside lamp is a source of warm light near your bed. It’s a better way to turning off the lights comfortably next to your bed. At night having a lamp near your bedside is a way to feel relax and also offers you a slow transition from dark to light or light to dark. … Read more

How to Clean Lamp Shades

how to clean lamp shades

The lampshade is one of the hidden household items that users easily forgetting to clean in their daily routine and it gets dust. Lampshades are needed routine cleaning because the unsightly dust can make them ugly or unattractive.  Knowing how to clean a lampshade is not that difficult. Here you can easily learn how to … Read more

How to Measure Lumens

how to measure lumens

A lamp is any of numerous devices that use for creating illumination and sometimes for getting heat. It is an artificial source of light made from various light-producing instruments. Measure lumens means to measure the total amount of light emitted by the bulb or giving light source.  Lumens power is also known as brightness or … Read more

Can Salt Lamps Cause Headaches?

Can Salt Lamps Cause Headaches?

Salt lamps are not just used to provide gorgeous lightning rather some specific types of salt lamps like Himalaya salt lamps emit negative ions. These negative ions can promote health and creates a feeling of well-being when reacting with the body. Himalaya salt lamp is famous for its organic shapes, health benefits, and vibrant hue. … Read more

How Long Do Chicks Need a Heat Lamp?

How Long Do Chicks Need a Heat Lamp?

Chicks already have a natural process of keeping themselves warm and they usually do it with the help of their feathers. Their feathers trap heat in them when it is cold outside. But in warm weather they widespread their feathers to release heat from their bodies. Temperature It is suggested that they stay around 95˚F. … Read more